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At the beginning, I’d like to introduce myself to You, I’m Hatem Badwey ,Digital Marketing Geek, based in Egypt , With more than one year of experience in Social Media Industry

Currently working as a freelancer in some projects beside being an Electrical engineering student (third year) I'm looking forward to working in a company get me in touch with many projects in Different industries to be able to take advantage of my analytical and Problem-Solving Skills 

I started in the online industry in 2014 As copywriter in SbabGeek(a blog in the Technology field) As I was a tech geek as i'm a tech geek

Then I took a while in learning Digital Marketing Specially Social Media and worked to sharpen my online skills until I had the chance to work in Engo's in Engineering Field in the Digital Marketing Committee Such As EMEC

Then I worked in the last year in Working spaces,Weeding,Sales Industries

Today i'm starting to work in the Entertainment industry in a 7D Cinema

I'm experienced in Social Media Management,Content Marketing, Analytics ,Community Manager,Competitive Analysis,Sales beside skills and knowledge in Robotics Industry and Embedded Systems

Work experience

Feb 2015Present

Head of Sales

makka company
we are a B2B Business in the fashion industry we a great understanding of the Market and what it needs we work hard to satisfy it with our the producers we design and produce in high quality and a competitive advantage
Apr 2015Aug 2015

Social Media Marketer

Groot Workspace

Worked at Groot in the Launching Phase I put the Marketing Strategies for launching the brand and worked to execute it
on Social Media and it had a great impact on us and we have a growing community until now

Sep 2015Jan 2016

Marketing Strategist

Shining Stars

Shining stars is a weeding planner startup in Cairo which was seeking to build an online brand and start working online
but they haven't a clear view of the process and what they should do that what I helped them and put the Online Strategy
for the website and Social Media Channels they 'll work on and how to manage the process and measure the parameters

Aug 2014Jan 2015



Worked as A copywriter in the Technology industry at blog for 4 months as my start in the online Community

Jul 2015Present

online Marketer

I work as a freelance online Marketer on a project targeting people in the GULF Aran State trying to apply what I'm learning in the digital industry
Jun 2013Present

Media head and volunteer

جمعيه نبض الحياه

الجمعيه المؤسسه لمشروع بنك الدم الخيرى فى الدلتا الذى يقوم بتجميع بيانات متبرعين و فصائل الدم فى حملات فى الاماكن العامه و وجود خط ساخن  لتوفير المتبرعين فى الحال لتخفيف على اهالى المرضى و محاربه تجاره الدم و ووفر 4000 متبرع حتى الان و القائم على مشروع الرعايه الصحيه الذى يساعد 80 اسره و مازال فى تقدم

Jan 2014Present

PR & Media member


EMEC is a student activity in Engineering faculties specalized in developing electrical and Mechanical engineers for the job market through training , workshops , competitions and Events


Sep 2013Present

Electrical Engineering (Power Systems)

Faculty of engineering Menofia University

I'm studying Electrical and Electronic Systems in the second year I'm trying to sharpen my skills in Robotics industry and Embedded Systems

Jun 2014Present

Digital Marketing

Hubspot,Hootsuite,social media examiner,Udemy,Coursera

i have learnt some courses about Digital Marketing , social media and Copywriting and read articles on Marketing Blogs daily.

Jan 2015Mar 2016

Social Media Marketing



Social Media Marketing

i have experince in dealing with some social Network Platforms and learning about others

Direct sales

i have a good communication and presentation skills made me good at sales specially in B2B business until i have became head of sales team in my work

Market analysis

i used some tools to get Data about my audience before setting my strategy to have a good undersy=tading of it

Copy writing

i have a good copy writing skills through my work in SbabGeek Blog as i gained some experience and i wanna to develop this skill

Content Marketing

i can do Effective content Marketing plans and excute them well and lead the business to have a great ROI from it