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About Me

My name is Hassanin Ahmed (sas1ni69 on the interwebs) and I’m a Ruby on Rails developer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I enjoy stand up comedy, singing, playing the guitar and Ultimate Frisbee. I strive to learn and to reinvent myself, over and over again. I’ve been developing for the web for the past 7 years and I’ve loved every day of it. I’ve had servers crash on me, databases wiped, code broke, clients threatening murder and about a thousand other software development crisis.

Work History

July 2016Present

Software Engineer

Red Guava

Red Guava is the company that is behind the leading software in allied health clinic management, 

I work as a remote developer in a team of 8 developers. I've lead the development of 2 mid sized projects one of which is ongoing, to fully integrate Cliniko with Australia's first mobile insurance payment provider,

March 2016July 2016

Software Engineer


I worked as a remote developer as a 3 man team working on the development of one of Shopify's acquired ventures,

It was a platform to help micro entrepreneurs launch and develop their online presence at a fraction of the cost with minimal technical abilities. 

March 2015March 2016

Senior Software Engineer


I was engineer number 2 in one of the fastest growing startups in KL. We developed and launched a web and mobile fitness and lifestyle application in 9 cities in 7 countries within the first 4 months.

I was the lead on 2 projects involving API development and a team of 4 launching a partner side application to help our location and gym partners.

Jan 2015June 2016



My primary role is to plan, develop and design the application as well as making high level tech decisions in the direction of the company,(

We raised RM300, 000(USD80, 000) in angel investment from Qeerad Sdn Bhd, a prominent Malaysian angel investor and a further RM500,000 in a grant from Cradle Sdn Bhd.

Dec 2013Present


Coca Code

Through my involvement in the previous company(Content Capital) we were able to identify a need for an application that would aid trainers in the training process.

We developed which was a tool for trainers to help asses their performances. We were not able to secure a major paying customer and also failed in raising any funds.  

More recently we started working on a new platform( to help trainers and speakers to promote themselves and to be available for selection by SMEs(Small Medium Enterprises) in Malaysia.

Mar 2014Feb 2015

Lead Developer

VLT Labs

My role was to plan, implement and develop web applications as per the business requirements and to help VLT Labs to move forward into reaching our goals.

In the time I spent at Labs, I lead the development on projects like, and

I also spent a few months working on an apprenticeship program where we would mentor and train apprentices to help in the development of real life applications for Malaysian startups.

Aug 2011Mar 2014

Software Engineer

Content Capital

I was primarily involved in the development of Learning Management Systems for large government offices in Malaysia.

The first project was A-PEL for Malaysia's Attorney General's Chambers ( Besides development, we were involved the provisioning of servers and deployment.

I also worked heavily on the development of serves Malaysia's largest civil servant's training center.

I also conducted training sessions throughout the year. The LMS we developed helped both departments cut a significant amount in yearly budgets for training their employees.

Apr 2010Aug 2011

Computer Engineer

HT Consulting

I was involved in the process of designing and development of Panton EMR, an electronic medical records web application.

I was made responsible of writing an interaction layer between the SWF layer of the application and our backend application in J2EE. This was my first job as a developer.

Jun 2008Apr 2010

Global Support Executive

HSBC Data Processing Malaysia

In my time at HDPM, I was involved within 2 departments which serviced different countries, the US and the UK.

My primary job was to resolve customer experience in both a call centre and a secured electronic messaging medium.

Oct 2007Jun 2008

Customer Service Assistant

MPH Bookstores

I worked in the customer service department at what was the highest earning outlet within the company.

I spent my day to day trying to increase customer happiness and satisfaction.

We also coordinated a few events within the store such as a demo and book signing by famous chef Bobby Chin.


January 2007March 2012

Degree Computer Systems Engineering (Software Engineering) 

Nottingham Trent