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  • A data-fiend who aspires to excel at compiling, filtering, integrating, and modeling datasets to enhance business operational performance.
  • Proficient with the prevailing analytical tools(Python) to conduct academic and market research.
  • Combines academic and field experience through organizational and administrative skills.


  • Methods: Regression, Classification, Clustering, Association rule,Reinforcement learning, Natural language processing, Dimensionality Reduction,Deep Learning(CNN,RNN).
  • Analytical Tools/Languages: Python (pandas,sklearn,nltk,tensorflow,keras,pytorch),R, C/C++, STATA ,SPSS , SQL, Spark ,MATLAB & Microsoft Office.
  • Courses:Econometric, Bayesian statistics, Artificial Neural Network ,object oriented programming, Applied machine learning, calculus, Social Network analysis, linear algebra, probability and statistics.

Work experience


PhD Researcher (Big Data Analytics track)

LUISS Business School,Rome, Italy AND Erasmus School of Management, Netherlands
  • Merging, managing, interrogating and extracting data to supply tailored reports for projects, seminars and journal publications.
  • Participating in newly developed big data analytics centre.
  • Teaching and learning simultaneously art of data“wizardry” at my little Hogwarts.

EXPERTISE ACQUIRED: Supervision, sense of humor, motivating others, resolving issues, patience, punctuality, presenting technical ideas in simplified way.

RESEARCH TOPIC: Technological uncertainties, pace of substitution and survival challenges within electric vehicle ecosystem.


Quantitative Analyst

University of Vaasa, Department of Production, Finland
  • Collecting literature and working with large data sets (obtaining, cleaning, synthesizing) for projects in energy systems.
  • Examining various types of missing data (e.g. missing at random & selection effects) and the development of methods for appropriately handling missing data.
  • Performing quantitative analysis for green energy markets in Nordic region.

EXPERTISE ACQUIRED: Networking, managing virtual teams & exploratory data analysis(EDA).

ACHIEVEMENTS: Conducting statistical analysis to find relationship between university's R&D expenditure and innovation, achieving a 10% more accurate prediction of performance than previous years.



MePin Oy,Finland
  • Building business cases by modeling tools, cost analysis & impact assessments.
  • Collecting data through interviews, secondary sources and applying scenario analysis

EXPERTISE ACQUIRED: Team building, feedback acceptance, diversity awareness

ACHIEVEMENTS:Using predictive analytics to forecast demand of cyber security solution in a new market(geographically) with a 92% accuracy rate.



Multinet Private Limited, Pakistan
  • Supervising safety and security of outside plant (OSP) including Optic fiber.
  • Administrating fiber verification and mapping underground fiber route.

EXPERTISE ACQUIRED: Tolerance of uncertainty, troubleshooting, resolving issues.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Successful update of remote sensing in WSN using multi hop technology to improve the battery life by having a 3.1% decrease in charging time.




University of Oulu, Finland

Major: Information System & International Business

Awards & Achievements

  • 100% funded PhD Scholarship at LUISS Business School (2016-2020)
  • University of Oulu International Master’s Scholarship (2012-2013, 2013-2014).
  • Traineeship Grant from University of Oulu (2013).
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship for Master in International Business (2013).
  • Merit-based Scholarship for Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (2005).


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