Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2009 - Feb 2010

Senior Security Engineer

Nokia Siemens Networks

Working currently in team on Broadband ISP Setup & Security Project

  • Designing phase
    • Reviewing HLD (High Level Design)
    • Preparing LLD (Low Level Design)
    • Doing site survey for proper location of Rack Installation
    • Consulting with Sub-contractor for Cable Structuring.

This project is based on Juniper Networks, Cisco Routers, Switches and Service Control Engines, Blue coat Caching, and F5 Load Balancers.

May 2009 - Aug 2009

Assistant Manager Technical

Premier Systems

My responsibility is to provide support, integration, design, rollout, Design Evaluation, project management, installation and co-ordination with Sales for technical support related work.

  • Installation/ implementation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting of Juniper, Cisco, Net-screen, 3COM, SSG(all products), IDP, NSM Express, SA, Cisco Content Services Switch 11506 11503 F5 Load Balancer, Juniper Load Balancer DX3200, Foundry, PIX etc.
  • Auditing of IP Networks
  • Designing IP Networks on customer demands and evaluation of products
  • Co-ordination with Sales for Initial HLD(High Level Design) and LLD(Low Level Design) UAT(User Acceptance Test)
  • Project Management for ongoing projects to meet dead-lines.
  • Consulting and providing support according to the SLA (Service Level Agreements) of products.
Dec 2008 - May 2009

Senior MPBN/IP-MPLS & Security Engineer


My responsibility is to provide level 2 support to FO MPBN engineers and other BO departments including (BO CORE, IN, VAS, BSS, and Huawei). Coordinating for meetings corresponding to design, audits, network changes, troubleshoot critical issues, making SOP’s and also routine trainings to MPBN and other departments regarding MPBN. Staying in contact with JTAC for advanced troubleshooting of critical issues. Usually open CSR on the basis of severity level of the issue. We also approve finalized configuration/changes to be made in network. Auditing the whole network timely; according to design, configurations and security checks; is also one of the key responsibilities. Keep a check on properly filing of each and every event.

  • Expert level understanding of Network Security infrastructure based on Cisco PIX, NS-5, NS-208, ISG2000, SSG550, NSM Server and IDP.
  • In depth knowledge about Ericsson Core Networks and Mobile Packet Backbone Network (MPBN)
  • Installation/ implementation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting of MPBN nodes
  • Commissioning and Integration of MPBN nodes with Ericsson(CORE, IN, VAS, TRX, HUAWEI)
  • To define acceptance testing procedure, conducting acceptance testing and reports
  • Provide input to MPBN designers for design modification
  • Performing Network wide Audits
  • To ensure standard Network configuration methods and rules are implemented
  • Advanced level Implementation/Configuration of security and IDP on Juniper Netscreen Firewalls
  • Software/JUNOS/ScreenOS/EXware/CISCO Secure ACS 4.1/WINDOWS Server 2003 Up-gradation on All MPBN Nodes
Sep 2006 - Dec 2008

MPBN/IP-MPLS & Security Engineer


My prime responsibility with ericsson was to provide planning of implementation, daily routine checks of MPBN, and co-ordinating for new integration with MPBN network to capable of carrying all kind of mobile networks traffic such as circuit switched voice signalling, packet switched data charging and O&M traffic however I also perform audit design review activities and network optimization activities to insure operators existing IP backbone is capable of carrying mobile network traffic and compliant with ericsson requirements.

  • Participating in Installation, configuration and integration of Juniper (M320, M120, and M10i Cisco 2811, 2611, and 3845), Netscreen (NS25, NS50, ISG2000) firewalls, and Summit & Alpine Extreme LAN switches.
  • Netscreen NS208, NS25 and NS50 configuration for transparent and non-transparent mode to secure GPRS network from any type of attack from outside. Implemented security for Charging Systems on charging domainfirewalls. Protocols deployed such as NSRP, IPSec VPN tunnelling, routing, Natting. Implementation of IPSec tunnels between different sites (Route Based and Policy Based VPN) and marking the traffic with different DSCP values for QOS. Security implementation for main Site Firewalls in NOC. Strong concept of firewall (zones, Virtual routers, Policies etc) implementation and all security protocols.
  • Providing local support services, day-to-day operation handling, upgrades and answers to technical queries by the customer (ALL MPBN nodes before network handover activities).
  • Configuration of Extreme Summit 48si and Alpine switches. Switching Protocols deployed such as vlans, routing, Port mirroring for troubleshooting on switches.
  • Software upgrades of Juniper Routers, Netscreen firewall and extreme LAN switches.
  • MSS (MGW and MSS) nodes integration through MPBN network (O&M, SIGTRAN and VOICE traffic).
  • Successful implementation of SIGTRAN (Signalling over IP) through MPBN network.
  • Took active part in swapping of Cisco router with Juniper routers for new phase implementation.
  • Handing over of nodes and network to customer and performing ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) with customer. Preparing all sorts of ATP documents.
  • Implementation of routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF, static routes redistribution in OSPF and BGP, HSRP & VRRP for redundancy, Traffic Engineering GRE tunnelling, IP MPLS, Layer 3 VPN tunnelling(VRF) for SIGTRAN & VOICE, Multilink and aggregated Links, QOS traffic marking, rate limiting & scheduler maps, Access list on CISCO and Juniper routers. Router Hardening deployed
  • Nera Minilink traffic, transmission, all core AXE, Charging & Billing, and LI, SMS-C nodes integration and there NMS in NOC.
  • GRPS (Gom, Gn, GB traffics) configuration and integration with MPBN network.
  • Integration of CLNS traffic for Marconi OMS and DXX nodes throughout the network using GRE tunnelling in Cisco’s and L2 VPN tunnels in junipers.
  • E1, E3 and STM Connectivity between different physical sites to provide transport services for different nodes for frame relay, ATM and P2P links.
  • Knowledge of software based tools such as Solar-wind.
  • Primary and Secondary AAA security server implementation with Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and replication on weekly basis enabled.
  • Integration of non Ericsson nodes such as Huawei with the network.
  • Strong Hands on and troubleshooting skills on Cisco Routers (2600 & 3800 series), Juniper Routers (M10i & M320), Extreme Summit 48i, Extreme Alpine 3845, Netscreen Firewalls (NS208, NS50, NS25), and strong knowledge of all hardware related to above mentioned devices.
  • Integration of NMS with MPBN network for SIGTRAN, Voice and O&M monitoring for their nodes.


2002 - 2006

BS(Telecommunications Engineering)

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences



other Skills

• Mobile Packet Back-bone Network (MPBN), In depth Knowledge • Working knowledge of UNIX (Solaris, BSD, Linux) • Knowledge and exposure to RADIUS, DNS, DHCP • Basic Knowledge of NSM Netscreen Security Manager • Basic Knowledge of GSM (MSS,MGW,SGSN,GGSN,CCN,SDP,SCP,STP,SMSC,MMSC,TRX) • Basic Knowledge of Juniper JUNOScope Server for Juniper Routers Management • SIGTRAN (SCTP) and other IP traffic analysis by implementing NETFLOW • Making and updating call flow network diagrams (Visio). • Basic knowledge of NNM HP Open View. • Basic knowledge of Info-Vista Vista-Insight. • Basic knowledge of Superdome 9000 Servers of HP • In depth understanding of Orion- Net Solarwinds NMS


• Learning New technology

• Going towards Friends

• Playing Cards

• Computer Games Counter Strike etc.

Personal Info

Date of Birth31st August 1984

Father NameAbdul Rauf

Nationality Pakistani

Passport # AC9989621


• IP Network Designing and Deployment • IP Network Configurations, O & M and Troubleshooting • Routing Protocols (ISIS, OSPF, MBGP, BGP, IGRP) and Switching (STP, VTP) • MPLS (RSVP,LDP), Traffic Engineering • Redundancy Protocols (HSRP, VRRP, ESRP, NSRP) • QoS Implementation (For VOICE, SIGTRAN, CHARGING and O&M) • Security(Stateful, Screening, Scanning, Deep Inspection, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Web Filtering) and Firewall Filters • L2VPN, L3VPN and IP SEC VPNs • Layer 2 protocols and technologies (L2TP,ATM, Frame Relay, POS(DS0-3,OC-12,OC3-48), Ethernet, PPP, PPPoE, PPPoA)

Trainings • INSG v5.0 ( Implementing Netscreen Security Gateways) • AJNR ( Advanced Juniper Networks Routers) • CJNR ( Configuring Juniper Networks Routers) • OTJNR (Operation & Troubleshooting Juniper Networks Routers) • CCNA v3.0 (Cisco Certified Network Associate) • MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) Competence • Juniper-M Series Routers (M7i, M10, M120, M320) • Netscreen Firewall (NS 5GT, 25GT, 50GT, 208, ISG2000) • Extreme Switches (Summit 48Si, Alpine, Black Diamond) • Cisco Router (2600, 2800, 3800) • Cisco Switches (500, C3750) • Cisco Load Balancer(CSS 11506, CSS 11503) • Juniper SLB (DX3200, DX4200) • Juniper IDP, NSM EXpress, Secure Access • Juniper SSL VPN: Secure Access Boxes


I am a hard working and motivated professional with a wealth of experience both as an effective team player. I have a wide skill set in a variety of technical fields, backed up by excellent communication, creative and interpersonal skills. Developing my knowledge plays a large part in my life both in and out of the workplace, and I am passionate about continually developing my abilities. I am personable, reliable, and committed to achieving excellence in both my personal and professional life.



JNCIS-ES (Juniper Network Certified Internet Specialist-Enhanced Services

Juniper Networks

JNCIS-E (Juniper Network Certified Internet Specialist-E Series

Juniper Networks

RedBack Networks SmartEdge Foundation Certified

RedBack Networks Owned by Ericsson

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)


JNCIA-EX (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate-Enterprise Switching)

Juniper Networks

JNCIA-ER (Juniper Network Certified Internet Associate-Enterprise Routing)

Juniper Networks

JNCIS-ER (Juniper Network Certified Internet Specialist-Enterprise Routing)

Juniper Networks

JNCIS-M/T(Juniper Network Certified Internet Specialist-M Series)

Juniper Networks

JNCIS-FWV (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist-Firewall)

Juniper Networks

JNCIP-M/T # 733 (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional-M Series, Juniper ID # JPR28962)

Juniper Networks

• JNCIE-M/T (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert-M Series)(Preparation in progress)

Juniper Networks