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Personal Details

Nationality: Bahraini                           Marital Status: Single                           DOB: 16/11/1995

Personal profile

A passionate and dedicated fresh graduate who thrives to excel in the competitive field of accounting. I look to apply my knowledge and experience within this company as well as developing and flourishing under its management. I am a reflective goal-driven individual who is eager to reach  and provide the highest standards of work. I look to continue my education throughout the upcoming years in order to be up to date with the industry.


Member of Bahrain Toastmasters Club (BTC), Bahrain.



B.A in Accounting and Finance

University of Huddersfield

Award: Upper Second


Diploma in Business, Hospitality, Law, Management, Marketing, Transport & Logistics

International Study Centre, Huddersfield

Level: A


IB Diploma

Abdulrahman Kanoo International School

Diploma awarded in 5 subjects.

Economics, Mathematics, English, Arabic and Biology.


High School Graduate

Abdulrahman Kanoo International School

Level: 90%


Cambridge IGCSE

Abdulrahman Kanoo International School


English - fluent

Arabic - fluent

Work History

February 2019

Marketing Specialist

Ignite Software and Design

• Act as the point of contact for clients.

• Build strong, long-term client relationships and maintain frequent contact

• Set digital strategies for assigned clients, considering their specific requirements

• Attend meetings with clients and address their queries effectively and in a timely manner

• Present social media strategies to clients

• Prepare social media content plan and copywriting for clients

• Business development including meeting with potential clients

• Manage various projects from end-to-end by communicating the client requirements to the manager, colleagues and suppliers

August 2018November 2018

Accounting officer

The Bakehouse Factory

Managing and supervising the process of data entry.

Managing the cost accounting and pricing strategies.

Organising the financial statements of the firm.

Issuing monthly sales invoices.

Producing monthly performance reports.

Collection of the trade receivables.

Preparing the monthly budget forecast.

Performance of the bank reconciliation.

Clearance of cheques and bank deposits.

Induction of the internal audit.

June 2017Aug 2017

Accounting assistant

AlQatari Fruits Company W.L.L

-Documenting financial transactions by entering account information.

-  Supervising the payroll.

- Conducting the monthly internal audit upon income and expenses.

- Recording all incurred costs throughout a shipment and producing a budgeted selling price.

June 2016Sep 2016

Quality inspector

AlQatari Fruits Company W.L.L

- In charge of inspecting the quality of the products.

-  Issuing arrival reports at the arrival of the goods.

- Conducting surveys for goods which suffer from poor quality.

- Supervising joint surveys with third parties.

- Supervising the repacking process.

- Managing the storing system at the hired storage unit.

- Supervising the inspections carried out by the ministry officials throughout the exporting process.

Jul 2015Sep 2015

Accounting assistant

AlQatari Fruits Company W.L.L

-Documenting financial transactions by entering account information.

-  Supervising the payroll.

- Conducting the monthly internal audit upon income and expenses.

- Recording all incurred costs throughout a shipment and producing a budgeted selling price.

Jun 2014Aug 2014

Accounting assistant

AlQatari Fruits Company W.L.L

Summer job which was undertaken prior to the start of my foundation year. Employment was very basic as it was the phase in which I started to learn more about the industry.


Effective learner

Whilst taking the Accounting Information Systems module I faced a very resilient challenge which stemmed from a group assessment. As the group leader, I sat with my tutor to discuss the plan constructed by my group and faced harsh feedback that the whole plan needs to be changed if I wanted a pass at least. I came back with a revised new plan and was told that it is merely okay and that it needs a lot of improvement. I worked hard and did not get the chance for a third feedback, however, the tutor loved the final presentation and it surpassed his expectations.

Creative thinker

Undertaking Theory of Knowledge as a subject through my high school has helped me improve my creativity as I was often obliged to think outside the box under the restriction of my common skills. A specific task that I personally recall is a task that was requested throughout my studies in the United Kingdom where I was asked to present a topic with high quality visuals without the aid of any websites. The task was very challenging since the use of bullet points throughout a 15 minutes presentation was prohibited. However, I succeeded and scored a high grade in that presentation.


Throughout my studies in the United Kingdom, I was often placed within groups which consisted of students from different countries and backgrounds. I often found myself operating with peers who had language barriers and that made it highly challenging for me to communicate fluently with the group members. However, I challenged that obstacle and decided to alter and tailor my communication methods in order to suit my peers. Fortunately, I succeeded at communicating effectively with all group members.


Kirsten Jones

[email protected]

Senior Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield. Reference letter can be provided upon request.

Thitima Sitthipongpanich

[email protected]

Senior Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield & Personal tutor. Reference letter can be provided upon request.

Fatima AlKhawajah

Reference letter from my CAS supervisor and TOK teacher is available.


  •  Fishing
  •  Football
  •  Swimming
  •  Reading
  •  Event planning