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Hasan al-Fayyad


I am a driven, enthusiastic, determined and proactive individual who possesses a broad range of professional and personal skills. Having lived in many countries has allowed me to become highly flexible, comfortable with change and adapting to new environments and cultures. My ability to make best use of any available resources and methods to come up with effective solutions to challenging situations has been noted in both my academic and personal life. I have an ardent desire to work on interesting and diverse projects, and willing to undertake any work that falls within my ability and competence. I am looking for a suitable position with a forward-thinking company that will offer excellent and stable career development opportunities with a professional and friendly environment in my long mileage career.


Oct 2012Jun 2016

BEng Hons Civil Engineering

Brighton University

Foundation Year in Engineering

International College of Wales, Swansea


Arabic - Native

Russian - Native

English - Fluent


  • Computer related and social media: I consider myself skilled when it comes to computer related issues and problems, and can easily learn any software, as this type of knowledge is always helpful. Social media has been a part of my life for very long and I can manage pages professionally.
  •  Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS
    Softwares: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, MathCAD, Maple, Sure Track, MS Project, SAP 2000.

  • Adaptability to Surroundings and Situations: Throughout my life, I've been put in different environments with different people, cultures and atmospheres. I have learned how to  adapt quickly and contribute  my experience towards self development.
  • Organising and Planning: Great plans start with great organising and planning, thus I pay a lot of attention to these as they are the foundation of a successful job.
  • Motivational, Passionate, Energetic with Positive Attitude: I consider myself self motivated, enthusiastic and happy. These are keys to success.
  • Patience and Time Management: Throughout my experiences, I learnt that patience is a major key to achieving best results, another key is respecting time. Time management is a basic requirement that I'm proud to have.
  • Determination: Nothing can stop me from quenching my thirst to reach goals. When given a task, full concentration will be put on it.
  • Teamwork, Leadership and Management: Valuing people and respecting everyone, achieving noticeable results, guiding and building teams during my university group projects and

Volunteer work

  • Dead Sea Marathons 2008-2010.
  • Workshop for Cancer patients.
  • Activities for children suffering from Autism.
  • Organising events for orphans.
  • Fundraising for cancer patients.
  • Fundraising for Syrian refugees.