Hasan al-Fayyad


Currently doing my third and last year in Civil Engineering at the university of Brighton. Throughout my life I've gained many experiences that qualify me to face new challenges and cope with work pressure and the change of environment . I am an ambitious individual who is keen to apply academic and practical knowledge in order to develop my career path and achieve a noticeable contribution in achieving the company's goals.

Studying Civil Engineering came after a passion in Mathematics, Physics and problem solving. I have always been interested in structures and how they are built from scratch till the end. My area of interest in the field include rails, high rise buildings, bridges, tunnels and roads. However, my dissertation was about Shear Strength of Soil Filled Rock Joints where I had to cast mortar out of two natural samples of rock with two different surface roughnesses, and cure them for 28 days, then apply a layer of soil in between them and test them on the shearbox.


Oct 2012 - Jun 2016

BEng Hons Civil Engineering

Brighton University
2011 - 2012

Foundation Year in Engineering

International College of Wales, Swansea

employment History

Work experience
Feb 2015 - Jun 2015

Sales Assistant


I was required to carry out multiple tasks that required precision, organisation and planning to a high standard.

Feb 2015 - Jun 2015

Sales Assistant


I was required to carry out replenishment tasks during morning shifts, which was challenging due to the limited time frame, as well as maintaining fitting and stock rooms.

2013 - 2015

Student Ambassador

University of Brighton

Open day Student Ambassador at my campus. My job was to represent my course to the potential students, show them laboratories and related areas, as well as answering questions related to student life and the course.

2010 - 2011


During my gap year in 2010, I was a part of a modelling agency doing photo shoots and TV commercials for many local Jordanian and international companies such as Mövenpick hotels and Orange Telecommunications.

2010 - 2011

Promotional Work

Attention Field Marketing Solutions

Promotional work for several products including LG electronics and Samsung.(Including a local telecommunication company based in Jordan). Promotional work was about electronic sale in separate occasions.


Arabic - Native

Russian - Native

English - Fluent


  • Computer related and social media: I consider myself skilled when it comes to computer related issues and problems, and can easily learn any software, as this type of knowledge is always helpful. Social media has been a part of my life for very long and I can manage pages professionally.
  •  Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS
    Softwares: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, MathCAD, Maple, Sure Track, MS Project, SAP 2000.

  • Adaptability to Surroundings and Situations: Throughout my life, I've been put in different environments with different people, cultures and atmospheres. I have learned how to  adapt quickly and contribute  my experience towards self development.
  • Organising and Planning: Great plans start with great organising and planning, thus I pay a lot of attention to these as they are the foundation of a successful job.
  • Motivational, Passionate, Energetic with Positive Attitude: I consider myself self motivated, enthusiastic and happy. These are keys to success.
  • Patience and Time Management: Throughout my experiences, I learnt that patience is a major key to achieving best results, another key is respecting time. Time management is a basic requirement that I'm proud to have.
  • Determination: Nothing can stop me from quenching my thirst to reach goals. When given a task, full concentration will be put on it.
  • Teamwork, Leadership and Management: Valuing people and respecting everyone, achieving noticeable results, guiding and building teams during my university group projects and

Volunteer work

  • Dead Sea Marathons 2008-2010.
  • Workshop for Cancer patients.
  • Activities for children suffering from Autism.
  • Organising events for orphans.
  • Fundraising for cancer patients.
  • Fundraising for Syrian refugees.