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High School

Lahore American School
Sep 1992May 1997

International School of Choueifat

Work experience

Oct 2007Present

Asst. Manager


Came up with new ideas for brand and product promotion on a regular basis and exchanged ideas with the corporate creative agency (Circuit/FCB). Assist in marketing of various dairy related products in the local market through market visits and surveying distributor and store-owner. Ensure updated website. Presently setting up a Radio Station in Jhang. Also handing project on commerical production of organic plant-specific fertilizer.



AccessBridge Charitable Foundation

Aim to network Donors, recipients, and service providers in order to bring greater efficiency to the philanthropic process.

Aug 2009Aug 2009

Photography Exhibition

Sep 2006Oct 2007

Marketing Executive

Greenshield Insurance Brokers

Initiated and executed restructuring of data and information organization, writing the employee induction manual, company catalogue, and product brochures. Assisted with design for exhibits as well as publications for distribution and internal documentation. Attended insurance seminars.

Jul 2004Aug 2004

United Nations Mission of the Organization of Islamic Conference

As advisor to the UN mission, attended and reported on UN Committee on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and the 10th Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly. Furthermore,  covered regular OIC meetings and reported analysis to the Secretariat and missions of member-states around the world.

May 2004Jun 2004


Embassy of Pakistan

Conducted varied research and projects pertaining to Pak-American relations, Pakistani community building and university awareness programs working directly with the Deputy Chief of Mission and Political Counsellor. Also worked on publications for newsletters or newsprint.


Urdu Language
Persian Language
proficient in reading and writing. functional comprehension ability.
Arabic Language
Reading, Writing, and basic comprehension.


Shahid Husain

Devin Stewart

Ali Aslam

Elizabeth Morin

Sulaiman Baqapuri

Faruk Amil

Murtaza Chevel

Amit Patel