Harshneel Goswami

  • Rajkot,Gujarat IN
Harshneel Goswami




Communicating with different people around me is what i fell a lot easier and comfortable to deal with. I can easily share the particular information in a proper way with different people


I am pretty good in investigate upon different tasks around me. I feel interesting and mostly, my prediction in investigation proves to be riight

Judging different People

I am good at judging people and their thoughts at the particular moments. I can make out easily that whats goin on in whoes mind. 


I am very good at management. I have great theoretical knowledge and as well as practical knowledge.

Sports person

I am great cricket player. Have achieved many trophies in this area.


My aim is to be a great Sports person or a succesfull and dedicated Sports Manger in my future. I dont have much goals in my life since i believe in Dedicated and sincere behaviour today makes the tommorrow better.


I am interested in Sports and music. I love being with and managing sports adminstration. I love music and chatting with people having more experience and skills in the topics which i like. I love reading the autobiographies of great people in the fiels of sports, especially Cricket. Thinking about which task i could undertake and should have performed well, after actually finishing the task is quite often in my day to day life. I even love to discover new places and objects around and far from me. Being alone and discussing about the changing world and my role in it is practiced on regular basis by me. So making it simple, I am very joyfull person who likes to do innovative things in my own ways and doing things which i m interested in.




S.N.Kansagra School

I have been studying since Playhouse till HSC in one of the best Institutions across the country, SNK. I left the school with 84 % marks in HSC.

Sep 2008 - Present


Loyola University



Excellence in Academics


Under 19 Cricket National Camp

Sports Authority Of Gujarat

Innovative Product and Marketing Competition


Science olympiad

Eduheal Foundation
Dec 2012 - Present

National School Games

Jan 2011 - Present

Swami Vivekanand Hill Shield tournament

Sports authority of Gujarat
2010 - Present

Sunflower Running Trophy

Sunflower school