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B.Com Pursuing

H.L Institute Of Commerce



Coordination is must in any business enterprise and keeping that in mind, I have learnt over the years how to coordinate among different people and achieve corporate goals.

Sincere Honest and Dedicated

I get completely involved in whatever I do with sincere respect and honesty and that makes me achieve whatever I want to

Sportsman Spirit

I am s Sportsman and I play my role in life with aa respected sportsman spirit in every task I undertake.

Convinving power

Easy for me to make people get convinced in what I want to convey through my message. 


Sportsperson of the Year 


Champions In Under 19 Inter school tournament 

Sunflower Running Trophy 

Sunflower Running Trophy

Champions In Inter College Cricket Tournament- Hlic 

Ahmedabad University 

Representative of National level Cricket team Gujarat 

Sports Authority Of India


This is my E Portfolio available in google......