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·A Chemical Engineer with close to 5 years of experience in the areas of downstream processing, process design, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), detailed engineering, project management and industrial research for oil and gas, speciality chemicals and green fuel industries.

· Responsible for vendor selection, bid evaluations and procurement of equipment for a 30,000 L/day output diesel plant project which saved 10% of the estimated budget owing to excellent co-ordination with project team and vendors.

·Responsible for completion of FEED, detailed engineering and design, and procurement of equipment for manufacturing speciality chemical; the percentage of rework at site was less than 5%.

·Successfully performed literature review including published patents and technical papers, and extracted relevant data to solve filtration problem in the plant to result in reduction of cycle time by 20% as a team leader.

·Advance skills in application softwares like MS Office, MS Visio, MS Project, Via CAD, HYSYS, VMGSIM, ProMax, HTRI.

·Conversant with API 520/521, ASME Sec VIII Div. 1, ASME B31.3.

·Working to acquire P. Eng status with APEGGA.

Work experience


Process Engineer

SBI BioEnergy Inc.

· Process Engineer(Performed assigned duties associated with engineering, instrumentation and controls project. Responsible for equipment sizing, running simulations (HYSYS), drawings (PFDs and P&IDs), technical reports, vendor evaluation and preparing datasheets for equipment, lines and valves).

oWorked on the 1L/min output continuous pilot plant:

a. Performed heat and mass balances.

b. Revised and updated PFDs and P&IDs from Project Engineer using softwares like MSVISIO and ViaCAD.

c.Assisted lead engineer in developing HYSYS model for the process and updated the model as per the required improvements in the process.

d.Assisted project engineer in designing, procurement and conducting trials to investigate efficiency of equipment like stripper, pumps, distillation column, preheaters, condensers, static mixers, reactor and resin columns being employed for the scale-up process for biodiesel manufacturing.

e.Developed and systematised detailed engineering aspects like valves and line lists, equipment data sheets.

f.Coordinating with technical team and vendors for timely delivery of scientific information and equipment.

g.Prepared specifications for tender bids. Reviewed bids from vendors for technical & commercial evaluation.

h.Performed several experiments to look for the best fit conditions to distil out biodiesel from the residue/impurities and introduced a modification to the equipment that resulted in the higher yield of biodiesel. The best fit conditions were compared with the results obtained in simulating equipment on HYSYS and fell within ±10% of outcome.

i.Performed experiments for stripping of methanol from biodiesel stream wrt pressure, temperature and packing of the system to evaluate the affects of these variables on stripping.

oWorked as a team member for FEED package development for 20L/min output continuous plant:

a. Performed Heat and Mass balances.

b. Built preliminary design of equipment and generation of process data sheets like tanks and vessels, distillation and stripping columns, reactor, resin columns, oil heater, condensers and pumps.

c.Prepared P&ID and PFD using ViaCAD.

d.Simulated the process using HYSYS.

e.Worked with the project engineer to calculate the sizes of the pipes, generation of line designation table, valves required and instruments needed along with the schedule and cost estimates.


Project Associate


· Project Associate(Responsible for timely completion of projects by reviewing technical data, collecting data from the vendors,designing experiments, supervision and writing engineering reports).

oConducted studies on Hydrocarbons recovery from tailings generated during oil sands extraction.

oStudied SAGD operations with special focus on inversion of phase emulsions via the application of diluents/chemicals.

oResearched the effectiveness of ES-SAGD in supplementing conventional SAGD and the parameters that impact the success of overall operation.

oExperience in technical writing gained through writing thesis and technical papers.


Process Engineer


Process Engineer (Actively pursued several engineering projects as a team member as well as a team leader).

·FEED package development for PEGylation batch plant. Responsible for:

a. Issuance of material and heat balances and preparation of project charter.

b.Preparation of P&IDs and PFDs using softwares like MSVISIO and AUTOCAD.

c.Reviewing of process design basis for the project.

d.Worked as a team member to finalize the process design and specification for procurement for major equipment like PEGylation reactor, vessels, pumps and heat exchangers.

· Detailed engineering and troubleshooting for producing a speciality chemical (API), Lamivudine (80kgs/batch). Assisted lead process engineer to:

a. Review the design basis for equipment and contacted vendors to assure equipment meets the process requirements.

b.Assisted in simulating a batch reactor using HYSYS; outcome was within ±10% of the plant data.

c.Review process’s critical parameters to select the instrument meeting the specifications.

d.Prepared Technology Dossier and other technical and troubleshooting reports.

· Worked as a team member on a number of projects:

a. Optimized column using HYSYS for better H2S absorption (Amine Sweetening), H2S absorption increased by 10%.

b.Developed PFD for a gasification facility and prepared cost estimation for equipment and installations.

c.Reviewed HAZOP reports and incorporated HAZOP comments on P&IDs.

d.Tracked down the filtration problem in the downstream processing of a product and suggested a change in the process to result in an overall reduction of the filtration time by 20% and enhancement in product’s quality by 10%.

· Assisted Project Engineer at an outsourcing location to:

a. Establish reuse of recovered in-process toluene and hexanes, worth saving $700/kg API per batch.

b.Training and hands-on-experience in creating DBMs and ensuring that all the necessary aspects including technical details as well as process safety are clearly outlined in the document.

· Assisted Process Engineer in rectification for an in-house plant:

a.Performed calculations for a dehydrator and a flash drum using HYSYS.

b.Redesigned an agitator thereby achieving higher heat transfer rates between liquid and reactor jacket.

c.Prepared technical reports and updated P&IDs and PFDs.

oGained experience with unit operations such as filtration, hydrogenation, drying and distillation.

oSuggested changes in the design of condenser to result in the reduction of plant cycle time by 2 hours.


Sep 2007Dec 2009


University of Alberta

· Master of Science (Chemical Engineering-Thesis based)

o Graduate Project: Engineered polymers for the increased stability of nanoparticles.

oTaught undergraduate level courses- Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer.

Aug 2001May 2005


Panjab University

· Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)

Underwent summer training (accumulates to 1 year) at IOCL oil refinery and SIEL Chemical Complex.

oFinal Year Project: Designed a plant unit for natural gas processing.


Communication Skills
Rich experience in technical writing gained through thesis writing, technical paper publications and other technical reports. Presented across several conferences in Canada and India.
Hands on experience with unit chemical operations and processing, technology transfer and process development in plants and outsourcing locations.
Industrial Research
Experience in performing experiments and assessing experimental data wrt engineering, social and economic point of view in the areas of APIs, Nanoparticles, Biodiesel and other speciality  chemicals. 
Process Engineering
Gained experience in the areas of FEED completions, detailed engineering and, equipment designing and procurement for speciality chemicals and green fuel industries.





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