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Work experience

Mar 2003Present

Senior Software Engineer

Project Title:Equity Insurance Group LTDPeriod: Mar 2004-Jun 2004 and Dec04-Till Date

Description: Cox Insurance Holdings Plc (Equity Insurance Group ltd) is a leading company in the UK Retail Insurance Market. The group combines the largest motor underwriter at Lloyd’s with a growing broking and insurance services business. Cox is the UK’s largest insurer of motorcycles and the seventh biggest motor insurer. Cox’s integrated business model, its highly selective underwriting criteria and mix of distribution channels are the differentiating factors that will continue to drive growth and deliver shareholder value. Cox Brentwood – London, UK based client will involve both Tier-2 and Tier-3 type of work on technologies such as RTM, Java, J2EE, C, Focus, VB, Oracle Forms, Informatica. The main business line for Cox Insurance includes Auto Insurance and Household Insurance.


ØGot the appreciation for contribution towards the budding team in building the new contract with the client.

Have contributed to project at various phases right from transition to system testing.

§System Testing

Role and Responsibilities

ØTest team coordinator

ØReviews, responsible for quality output from Team

ØManual testing is used, no automation tools.

ØCapturing defects at system test level itself, so that no bugs are found in UAT

ØPreparing Test scripts

ØHandling test execution

ØEnsuring on time deployment of releases in UAT

ØHave handled both Tier2 and Tier3 system testing

ØAs a coordinator handling Following additional responsibilities

·Timesheet data collection

·Validation of Timesheet data

·Harmoni timesheet review and approval

·Activity reports/PSR

·Familiarization with EMF and statistical control charts

·BUPID with respect to system testing group

·Fine tuning of system testing processes

·Knowledge sharing sessions

·Contribution for various initiatives like CMMI/ISO etc

·Member mentoring for ensuring performance improvement from team members


ØHas captured lots of defect at system test level itself thereby contributed in improving quality of deliverables to client

ØGood grasp on business knowledge

ØReceived a good feedback from Onsite managers and counterparts

Technology: Oracle, Test Director, RTM


­­­­ Role and Responsibilities:As a Module Leader, my responsibilities included

ØCoding and reviewing the programs

ØPreparing technical specification

ØPreparing the test plan for Unit Testing

ØContributed to establish and stabilize work process flow between onsite and offshore

ØRecognized as resourceful contributor and acknowledged with increased responsibilities

ØWorked as module leader to handle team of 4-5 people

ØPart of defect prevention team

ØSuccessfully imparted training to new members


ØResponsible for Quality Assurance

ØGathering and analyzing the data, preparing metrics and there by contribute to minimize defects, effort and schedule variance by effective causal analysis

ØTimely deliveries ofwork units with acceptable quality


­­­­Projects Summary:


Brief: To provide within the Motor Broking systemthe facility to cross sell MBI Breakdown Recovery Policies and to see the Boomerang Key Care add on.CIB Ltd requires a generic add-on and cross selling approach that will have the capability to interface with both internal and external suppliers and promote simpler integration of add-on products and cross selling in the future.


Brief: The premium finance arrangements for much of the Group were previously handled by an in-house company, cando finance Ltd. They provided financing for policies underwritten within Cox retail businesses and also directly to a network of brokers. Details of the premium finance arrangements for individual customers were held within a number of different systems. A strategic decision was made to outsource this element of the business to Premium Credit Ltd. (PCL)


Brief: Equity have traditionally used 3 numeric characters (0-999) to define their endorsement codes but the numbers now available are diminishing and are likely to prove insufficient in the near future.

This project is to enable more endorsement codes on Equity Redstar Motor by using any combination of characters from A to Z as well as 0 to 9.

The current ABI InStep EDI message standard enforces a 3 character alphanumeric field on us, which means the endorsement code cannot be enlarged to four or more characters, leaving us with the only option to use a 3 character alphanumeric

Role and Responsibilities: As a Team Leader, my responsibilities included

Øleading a team of 5 developers

ØCoordinator between onsite and offshore

ØPreparing technical specifications

ØCoding and Review

ØPreparing the test plan for Unit Testing

ØContributed to establish and stabilize work process flow between onsite and offshore

ØPart of defect prevention team

ØResponsible for Quality Assurance

ØSupport to team members for resolving domain related as well as technical issues

ØEstimation, design and impact analysis for entire project CCN147

ØMentoring new joiners


ØSuccessful implementation of the project helped us earn good will of client

ØReceived appreciations from onsite on timely basis for good coordination and analytical skills.

ØReceived appreciations from onsite for detailed and accurate estimation of CCN147


Role and Responsibilities:As a team member, my responsibilities included

ØPart of a transition team which went to UK to successfully acquire application and business knowledge from Client

ØHad been given a responsibility to transition knowledge about ‘Quotes’, ‘Underwriting’, ‘Claims’ modules

ØArrange interviews with client to gain knowledge about the system

ØKnowledge transfer to team members regarding transitioned application

ØPrepared System Documentation for the applications transitioned


ØEffectively completed the transition for the largest application of Equity Insurance Group’ i.e. ‘Boncaster Motor’

ØGained the reputation as knowledge base for business queries at offshore

Project Title:ISMC-Dev-CiTRPeriod: Jun 2004- Dec2004

Description: The engagement with ISMC is named HSNA - Referral Link Customization for CiTR Smart Services. An exciting extension of the product range is CiTR smart services currently being deployed as the whole-of-government integrated service delivery platform for the state of Queensland. This is a significant project that will enable transaction of complex services from multiple government agencies on a common platform.

CGI will be involved in the Requirement Study, Design, Estimation and Construction.

Role and Responsibilities:

As a team member my key areas of responsibility included:

ØAcquiring Domain Knowledge.

ØCoding and Testingof programs

ØDeveloping a module on Jasper report


ØCreated knowledge base for the team

Technical Environment:

Software: Borland AppServer Edition 6, Jbuilder 9, XML/XSLT and Java, Jasper Report


Project Title: BengalPeriod: Mar 2003 – Mar 2004

Description: The project was data conversion from RDBMS to ABLIX, which is a proprietary banking application. The methodology is to develop data mapping between the two systems and to generate conversion programs to migrate data from the source database to the target database. Baseline test reports generated on the source system will then be compared against the reports generated on the target system for verification.

Role and Responsibilities:

As a team member my key areas of responsibility were:

ØAcquire Domain Knowledge wrt. working of a Credit Union.

ØDesign, Coding, Testing and reviewing of programs as per standards.

ØDefining & implementing Coding standards wherever required (in ABLIX)

ØAnalyze defect & suggest process improvement.

ØEffective co-ordination & issue escalation with the onsite as well as offshore team members.


ØReceived appreciation for good debugging skills, reviewing skills, commitment and hard work.

ØReceivedCSAP (Client appreciation) rating of 9.5.

ØDeveloped utilities for minimising the manual intervention

Technical Environment:

Hardware: PII, HP900





Arunodaya School

Total % - 87.06%

Jun 1998Nov 2002



Total %- 57.14

Jun 1996Jun 1998


B.N.Bandokar College of Science

Total % - 86.33


Auto Insurance
Manual Testing


Experience Summary

System testing – 1.5 year

Oracle & PL/SQL – 9 months

SQL – 1 year

Unix- 1 year

HTML, XML, XSLT- 4-5 months

Proprietary Languages – 3 yrs

Auto Insurance – 4 yrs


1. Dancing, Learning Classical dance (Katthak).

2. Reading

3. Music