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To achieve career progress within the workplace environment by contributing towards the objectives of the organization through utilizing my personal strengths, technical skills and knowledge, while maintaining professionalism, in addition to seeking opportunities for growth and advancement within a professional environment by boosting technical skills and strong peer and client relationships.

Work experience

Feb 2015Mar 2017

 General Manager (Family owned/operated business)

Calcutta Footwear (New Delhi, India)
  • Managed a business with a turnover of ₹  7 Million INR ( €120,000 approximately ) annually.
  • Undertaking staff performance reviews and setting objectives individually with them and collectively for departments as well.
  • Driving sales with strategies of at least 3-4% monthly.
  • Ensuring that company goals are met in a time by efficient and effective management.
Oct 2011Feb 2015


7 Eleven Australia
  • Managed every aspect of store operations.
  • Trained and developed store staff in customer service techniques.
  • Monitored and implemented corporate programs in sales, shipping, and merchandising.
  • Directed large store team to create a sales environment that consistently met expected sales goals and reduced operating costs.
  • Managed team of 10, including hourly employees, specialists, and supervisor direct reports.
  • Using of business intelligence platform tool to identify, investigate and analysis daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports.
  • Using of SAP “store end “ access to extract data of profit and loss, balance sheet and expense sheet from 7 – Eleven main SAP server.
  • Using SAP purchasing at “store end” to do the daily and weekly store orders.
Nov 2009Oct 2011

Department Manager (Outdoor & leisure)

Big W (Woolworths Australia)
  • Establishes retail environment that encourages positive customer experience and promotes realisation of sales targets.
  • Conducting inventory management and maintenance.
  • Ensuring all staff adhere to OH&S protocols and completing routine safety measure checks.
  • Approaching customers and addressing their inquiries and complaints in a professional manner.
  • Assisting in designing the display with different themes.


Mar 2017Present

Masters of Business Administration

ESLSCA Paris Business School
  • - Receiving opportunities to constantly challenge and push yourself in order to continuously improve.
  • - Getting better overview of the business world and a deeper understanding of the changes that occur in the business environment.
Nov 2009Jun 2012

Bachelor Of Commerce

Deakin University, Melbourne
  • - Gained vital skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in the exciting world of commerce.
  • - Received a strong foundation in private business and public administration and gained skills in communication, teamwork and leadership.
  • - Developed my critical and creative thinking, as well as an understanding of how different cultures do business.
Oct 2008Oct 2009

Diploma Of Commerce

Melbourne Institute of Information & Technology
  • - Equipped me for success in many areas of business no matter the main focus.
  • - Obtained good management and analytical skills which are something that every company requires as well as strategic formation leading businesses to success.


  • Love to travel and to explore new places.
  • Diverse taste in music from lounge, jazz, piano, hip hop to regional.
  • A watch enthusiast and have inclination towards collecting timekeeping devices.
  • Big fan of motorsports including F1 and growing interest in Le Mans 24 hours and British Touring car Championship.