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Driven young professional and fulltime student focusing on independent study in the areas of social cognitive psychology and the perception of social objects. Throughout my academic and professional careers my strong work ethic and drive have helped me consistently achieve excellence.

Invariably we hear the phrase, "There are two kinds of people in the world..." followed by some very droll attempt at humor, which makes me loathe to use the phrase. I find it useful nonetheless in describing one of my present world organizing theories. There are two kinds of people in the world, those who wait for opportunity to present itself and those who make their own opportunities. I prefer to think of myself as the latter.

In academics, I have maintained an association with a university research lab since my freshman year, when I was noticed by a professor as an outstanding student and invited to join the lab. I have since embarked on my own research project which investigates the role of certain physical characteristics as cues in the process of person perception. I will be reporting the results of this project at a psychology conference in April as a talk.

I have sought out and completed the most challenging courses, frequently having to defeat mounds of override paperwork to enter upper division and graduate level courses without having met the pre-requisites.

I participated in the pilot program for evaluating the viability of supplemental instruction (SI) for a gateway statistics course offered through the department of psychology. During my semesters as an SI leader I led students to find success and peace with statistics and the program has since graduated from pilot status. To give other interested students the opportunity to have the same fruitful experience I had with the SI leader position, I resigned last semester. I am happy to note that another student has emerged to take my place and has been successful in that position.

In my professional life, I have been very successful in the position of project manager. Last summer's projects alone accounted for over $500,000 in sales and services rendered in large projects for new clients who have stayed on for monthly service contracts. I'm looking forward to having an even bigger summer this year.

Work experience

May 2007Present

IT Project Manager

I am the project manager at a small IT consulting firm. My duties include project planning, drafting and presenting proposals to clients, coordinating with vendors, and directing teams toward the completion of projects. I specialize in new technology integration and migration projects, especially creating Windows client/server network solutions for medium and small businesses.

Jan 2007Present

Research Assisstant

As a university research assistant my duties include working closely with professors on the design, data collection, and analysis of their current research projects as well as producing new directions for both their research and my own. The faculty I work with specialize in quantitave research in the lab to advance theory and that is where my experience primarily lies.

Jan 2007Dec 2008

Supplemental Instruction Leader (Statistics)

As a supplemental instruction (SI) leader at the university I guided students to success in a statistics course offered through the department of psychology. During my employment I developed lesson plans, engaged students to the effort required to excel in the course, logged hundreds of classroom instruction hours, and thousands of contact hours with students.

May 2003May 2007

IT Support Technicial

My duties as an IT support technician included supporting users over the phone, onsite troubleshooting, and participating in technology integration projects for Windows based networks. Over the term of my employment I gradually took on increasing responsibility over managing the helpdesk and employees until my graduation to management.


Jan 2006Present


  • I had the distinction of being invited by a professor to join their lab for independent study as a freshman after displaying excellence in their social psychology course.
  • Over the last three years I helped design and collect data on a series of studies in the areas of group decision making and the role of affect in decision making.
  • I began my own research study on the role of physical cues as information in the Fall of 2008.I submitted my results to the Southwestern Psychological Association. I will have the honor of giving one of only 42 talks at the 2009 conference in April.
  • I have consistently demonstrated academic excellence in all of my courses, maintaining a 3.57 cumulative GPA while seeking out the most challenging and useful courses in my area of study.This includes my completion of a course on measurement theory and current enrollment in an inferential statistics course, both of which are part of the master's program in experimental psychology at the UTSA.
  • Activities and Societies: Member, Southwestern Psychological Association


I just wanted to create a skill with a "Rockstar" proficiency because I'm not necessarily convinced that "Rockstar" is a proficiency level... except, perhaps, if your skill is related to performing rock music.