Harry Olifer Tambunan

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Harry Olifer Tambunan



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Jakarta, October 22, 2015


Human Resources Department

PT. Union Tetap Jaya


Dear Sir/Madam,       

I’am writing to apply for “Manager Operasional Gudang” position as advertised at www.jobs.id.


I have completed Bachelor of Economy in Management from Bina Nusantara University and I am have Freelance as Receiving Agent Regional Indonesia at DICO Escrow, as Entrepreneurship to Selling Spare Parts and Motorcycles 600cc above. I am have work experience as Warehouse and Logistic Manager at PT. DJUNIAR & DJUNIAR (Nesco Centre), as Head of Unit DC Warehouse RMPM (Raw Material Packaging Material) at PT. Kalbe Nutritonals (PT. Sanghiang Perkasa), as Supervisor Warehouse at PT. Niro Cramic Sales Indonesia (PT. Sandimas Reksakeramika Granito), as Assistant Warehouse Supervisor at PT. Sukanda Djaya (PT. Diamond Cold Storage), as Coordinator Logistic at PT. Pembangunan Perkasa, as Trading Analyst Staff at PT. Fargo Futures.


Throughout my tertiary study, I have participated in a variety of projects - individual and group based - that I believe have allowed me to gain important work-required skills, such as strong analytical skills, problem solving skills, computer skills, time management, oral communication and team dynamics.


From the knowledge and skills I have gained from my studies at Bina Nusantara University and work experience, I believe I will bring to this job, a strong sense of work ethics and the drive to succeed, a good will to cooperate with people, and the need of producing top quality work. Furthermore, I will strive to my best ability to fulfill more than adequately what will be required from me in your organization.


Here with I enclose my curriculum vitae, which will give details of my qualification. I hope my qualifications and experience merit your consideration and look forward to your reply I would extremely appreciate an interview and will be available at any time even on short notice preferably on my Mobile Phone

+6282114676664 or Home ( +62214307674.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



Yours sincerely,

Jakarta, October 22, 2015


(Harry Olifer Tambunan)