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Master's in Business Administration

La Salle University

Concentration: Accounting


 Bachelor's Degree - Accounting

La Salle University

Minor in Criminal Justice

Work History


Budget Analyst

US Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Perform analytical and financial management assignments such as develop budget estimates, briefing documents, and programmatic explanations in support  of budget submissions. I have participated and contributed budget estimates to five of our offices budget submissions which serves as the foundation of our budget submissions that our analyst feed from. My work contributed to the completion of these budgets;
  • Prepare  narrative  budget  justifications  for  Department  of  Commerce  (DoC)  and  Office  of  Management  and  Budget  (OMB). I have been written budget justifications as support of my estimates if we are contacted by the Department for explanation. To date, my portion of assignments have not required justification efforts;
  • Conduct analyses of financial conditions and practices and make recommendations to the appropriate level of management within our Working Capital Fund (WCF). The WCF is used as a “pay-out” system which requires monitoring of costs to determine if spending is on track, if we are under-spending, or set to overspend. My review allows the office to determine on how to cut or increase spending whichever necessary;
  • Create a multi-function online database for Budget and Finance cross-division use. This database has been used by both divisions and allows greater accessibility to information that both divisions may use in their assignments;
  • Interpret and develop budget policies and procedures. We currently have a process for a section of our budget formulation processes which has shown to be convoluted. I am currently in the process of consolidation and innovating the process to allow a quicker turnaround period, as this portion is a foundational step in our budget submission process;
  • Prepare reports and supply fiscal and budgetary data to Department of Commerce (DoC) Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and Congress. My portion of the budget formulation services this task, as it allows the Department and Congress to understand our agency’s budget and how to move forward with providing funding for our agency;
  • Serve as team lead for the NIST Financial Management Division Safety Representative. I lead the Workplace safety inspection team and individually performed safety inspections for over 60 offices. This resulted in safety violations being reported and resolved to ensure compliance with safety standards;


   US Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General
  • Food Nutrition Services (FNS) Audit
  • Created and prepared mandated audits and audit profiles, in OIG's Audit Management System; which included creating and editing audit programs and researching new policies and procedures, laws and regulations, that would affect the scope of our audit, and determined if audit steps should be removed or added due to applicability;
  • Performed quarterly and year-end Budgetary Statements Reconciliations, interviewed agency officials on all discrepancies, and gave recommendations on the effectiveness of the agency's operating systems. Each quarter consisted of 8 relevant audit steps;
  • Completed miscellaneous audit steps pertaining to Information Technology, Background information and closing audit steps which contributed to the completion of the audit;
  • Reviewed over 40 work papers for accuracy and completion which contributed to completing the audit;
  • Improper Payments and Elimination Recovery Act (IPERA) Audit
  • Determined the compliance  of agency's systems and provides recommendations per audit findings for four of the six agencies that were susceptible to improper payments;
  • Assisted in drafting and submitting management decision letters, audit correspondence letters, and engagement memorandums, within our SharePoint database, to respective officials;
  • Drafted audit findings in USDA's Improper Payment Elimination and Recovery Act Audit and presented findings to upper management and proper agency officials;
  • Created and maintained tracking systems to ensure assignments and data requests are completed on time;
  • Completed referencing reviews of audits to ensure factual statements were referenced to supporting documentation;
  • Assisted Assistant Directors and Directors with the hiring interview process;
  • Created and performed audit of USDA's OIG Investigations Confidential Funds;



   Department of Defense - Defense Contract Audit Agency
  • Reviewed standard audit programs, audit steps, previous work papers, reports, other guidance materials, including findings and conclusions, in accordance with previous reports and agency procedures, for four of our office's audit. This allowed me to contribute to four of our offices audit. I had left the agency prior to completion of these audits;
  • Maintained  audit  working  papers  including  preparation  of  schedules,  summaries,  and  reconciliations  as  instructed  or  appropriate. I had created over 50 work papers within my time with the agency;
  • Performed assigned audit  steps such as tests and examinations of contractor’s direct labor and material costs; 
  • Checked reports, records, ledgers, and other documents against invoices, receipts, payroll slips, and other source documents, as apart of the office's incurred cost audit. This check ensured that the contractor remained compliant with our audit requirements and to the standard rules and regulations;
  • Researched, questioned, and determined the allowability, allocability, and reasonableness, in accordance with FAR, DFARS, and CAM, of our contractors cost submissions with our Forward Pricing and Incurred Cost audits. With defense contract auditing, this was the standard and scope of our audits. This lead to multiple statistical sampling and verified appropriateness of charges for materials and labor and determines that transactions have been properly recorded;
  • Maintained professional manner and working relationships with team members, associates,  contractor and other government  personnel. Developing a working relationship with the contractor allowed easier facilitation of document requests and requests for additional information;
  • Performed Floor Check Interviews as an audit step for the office's 2015 Forward Pricing Proposal. I individually interviewed over 25 employees which completed our audit requirements;


Skills & Awards

Certifications and Recognitions

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE): June 2016

Federal Financial Management Certificate Program (FFMCP): Expected January 2019

Computer Skills

Oracle; Audit Management Software; Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Power Point, Excel, Access.  Interviewing; Auditing; Reconciliation; Financial Statement Analysis: Research; Accounting; Sales; Finance; Communication; Outlook; Inventory management; Government; Windows; Networking; Data Analysis; Financial Accounting