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Seeking to obtain a challenging position with a government agency, private sector, or public firm. I am looking to being able to use and gain knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices and procedures, and utilize these skills; while advancing my leadership qualities, work experience and technical knowledge to conduct forensic financial analysis.

Work History


Budget Analyst

US Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology

•Assure financial resources are used in accordance with regulations and policies;

Perform analytical and financial management assignments such as develop budget estimates, briefing documents, and programmatic explanations in support of budget submissions;

•Prepare narrative justifications;

•Conduct analyses of financial conditions and practices and make recommendations to the appropriate level of management;

•Provide input to budget data calls; approve use of the NIST Working Capital Fund (WCF) for Expense and Income activities;

•Interpret and develop budget policies and procedures;

•Prepare reports and supply fiscal and budgetary data to Department of Commerce (DoC) Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and Congress.

•Serve as team lead for the NIST Financial Management Division Safety Representative.

•Develop standard operating procedures for the handling, reporting, and submission of Working Capital Fund (WCF) budgetary data.



   US Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General

•Performed work consisting of a systematic examination of financial and program records, financial and management reports, management controls, policies and practices affecting or reflecting the financial condition and operating results of an activity;

•Analyzed work related to developing and executing audit policies and programs with our Congress mandated financial statement audit of the Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) agency; an agency in-which manages and distributes over $1 billion, yearly.

•Conducted activities and audit steps related to the detection of fraud, waste, and abuse;

•Provided opinions on whether the financial statements of an audited entity present fairly the financial position, net costs, and, budgetary resources in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles;

•Performed quarterly and year-end Cash Reconciliations of key Department of Agriculture (USDA) agencies, interviewed agency officials on all discrepancies, and gave recommendations on the effectiveness of the agency's operating systems, by reconciling 4 or more reports generated by our accounting systems;

•Determined the adequacy of agency's accounting systems and provides recommendations per audit findings for OIG's FNS audit and four of the six agencies that were susceptible to improper payments, for OIG's Improper Payment Elimination and Recovery Act Audit (IPERA);

•Performed audit steps to close out other OIG audits, to ensure all requirements are met and audit steps are completed, for two audits; also completed five referencing reviews of audits to ensure factual statements were referenced to supporting documentation;

•Assisted Assistant Directors and Directors with the hiring interview process for our auditor position;

•Served on various OIG committee's - i.e. OIG Holiday Party Committee;

•Created and prepared Congress mandated audits and audit profiles, in OIG's Audit Management System; which included creating and editing audit programs and researching new policies and procedures, laws and regulations, that would affect the scope of our audit.

•Participates in Entrance and Exit conferences, in speaking on a designated subject and/or asking and answering questions to and from our customer - USDA Agencies;

•Assisted in drafting and submitting management decision letters, audit correspondence letters, and engagement memorandums, within our SharePoint database, to respective officials;

•Assisted in solving various computer technical problems that employees may have;

•Performed detail with OIG's Accounting Division; gained knowledge and experience in budgeting, cash reconciliation, appropriations, appropriations law, financial management; government accounting;

•Drafted audit findings in USDA's Improper Payment Elimination and Recovery Act Audit and presented findings to upper management.

•Created and maintained tracking systems to ensure assignments and data requests are completed on time. 

•Performed judgmental statistical sampling to create sample universes for testing.

•Created and performed audit of USDA's OIG Investigations Confidential Funds, individually with no supervision. Drafted audit findings and final audit report which was presented to upper management of Audit and Investigations.

•Conducted financial statement audits on US Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) Agency for fiscal year 2016. Researched applicable financial laws and regulations, implemented in 2016, and documented how these laws and regulations would impact our audit statement. Conducted analysis of related party/interdepartmental transactions over our materiality threshold, to determine the effectiveness of FNS' reporting systems and that all outstanding transactions were properly accounted for and resolved. Performed mid-year and year-end audit Government Treasury Account Symbols reconciliation steps. Reconciled 4 reports per audit step to determine if FNS has effective budget reporting processes and procedures and to determine if FNS' accounting systems reconcile to the Department of Treasury's accounting systems. Performed research on litigation matters pertaining to FNS and documenting any, as necessary. Reported any subsequent events that FNS may have partaken in that would have a material impact on the scope of our audit. Attended and participated in bi-weekly and weekly status meetings with FNS and recorded meeting minutes on various occasions, for documentation purposes. Attended and participated in FNS' Exit Conference. Developed and maintained working professional relationships with FNS' employees.



   Department of Defense - Defense Contract Audit Agency

•Reviewed standard audit programs, audit steps, previous work papers, reports, other guidance materials, including findings and conclusions, in accordance with previous reports and agency procedures, for four of our office's audit.

•Maintained audit working papers including preparation of schedules, summaries, and reconciliations as instructed or appropriate.

•Performed assigned audit steps such as tests and examinations of contractor’s direct labor and material costs.

•Checked reports, records, ledgers, and other documents against invoices, receipts, payroll slips, and other source documents, as apart of the office's incurred cost audit.

•Researched, questioned, and determined the allowability, allocability, and reasonableness, in accordance with FAR, DFARS, and CAM, of our contractors cost submissions with our Forward Pricing and Incurred Cost audits.

•Verified appropriateness of charges for materials and labor and determines that transactions have been properly recorded within the office's Incurred Cost Audit .

•Actively and positively participated with other team members, providing updates on the status of audit assignments, sharing information, and identifying requisite revisions to the program and/or annual team goals.

•Maintained professional manner and working relationships with team members, associates, contractor and other government personnel.

•Prepares working papers and analyzes contractor data using automation tools.

•Performed Floor Check Interviews as an audit step for the office's 2015 Forward Pricing Proposal.

•Assisted in the creation and review of the Incurred Cost audit reports.



Master's in Business Administration

La Salle University

Concentration: Accounting


 Bachelor's Degree - Accounting

La Salle University

Minor in Criminal Justice


Certified Fraud Examiner

June 2016

General Skills

Oracle; Audit Management Software; Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Power Point, Excel, Access. Leadership, Organizational, Teamwork. Minimum 40 WPM; Interviewing; Auditing; Reconciliation; Financial Statement Analysis: Research; Accounting; Strategic Planning, Time Management; Sales; Finance; Team Building; Communication; Outlook; Inventory management; Government; Windows; Networking; Data Analysis; Financial Accounting