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New graduate who is strong in the field of interpersonal communication and goal setting. Strong drive and ability to work efficiently in changing environments. 

Work experience


Equipment crew 

Western Carolina University Pride of the Mountains Marching Band 

loading and unloading of Band electronics including but not limited to speakers, sound boards, scaffolding and moving of other equipment including but not limited to drums, instruments, Guard rifles, flags, and props in the most efficient and safest way possible.   

Aug 2015Dec 2015

Research Analyst and Website Designer Internship 

Custom CNC

Developed a plausible and achievable business plan to expand their business. While working with this company I also developed a website to expand the company's brand and awareness (work examples include final plan and website).    

Apr 2015Sep 2015



Worked as cashier and fry station being able to take money, make correct change, and be able to listen efficiently to orders in constantly changing environment. 

Dec 2012Jan 2013

MAGfest front desk volunteer 


Worked front desk of a Music, Arts, and Gaming festival which included check in of guest, helping find rooms for special guest (Guest speakers and voice actors), handling of money during ticket purchase, and adjusting databases of festivals to reflect ticket sales of different groups of ticket groups.  



Bachelor of Arts in Business Management 

Western Carolina University 

Minor in Economics 



Ability to relay information accurately and efficiently both in writing and in spoken form. 

Goal Setting

Ability to set effective and efficient short term and long term goals. Ability to communicate these goals in both calm and stressful situations. 

Microsoft Word

Ability to write in a proper business style with annotation (MLA, APA, and Chicago)

Microsoft Access 

Ability to create, maintain, and update databases in Microsoft Access . 

Microsoft Powerpoint 

Ability to make a well designed and easy to read power-points that clearly and efficiently conveys all important facts. Also sound knowledge in Prezi presentation maker.  

Microsoft Excel 

Ability to enter in data accurately, make graphs, and do regressions in excel.  

Website Design 

Ability to create, maintain, and update a new and functioning  and visually appealing website.

Work Examples 

Website Designed for Project:

Senior Seminar Paper:


Member of Kappa Kappa Psi November 21, 2014 - Current 

Served on:

Treasury Committee: 08/2015- Current

On this committee I helped schedule and plan fundraisers for the fraternity. This planing included setting budgets, plan dates around other sororities and fraternities as well as contacting building officials to get and fill out proper paper work.

Membership Education Committee: 01/2015-Current 

On this committee I helped in planing an educational outline for the membership candidate process. On this committee I helped develop test and lessons for the candidates to help them learn and memorize information.  

Parliamentarian Committee: 01/2015 - Current

On this Committee I was responsible for reviewing and updating the chapter's constitution and other legal documents. On this committee we also worked on rewording and adding new bylaws and closing loopholes in these legal documents.   

Up program Mentor January 11, 2016 - Current  

Mentor for the University Participant Program at Western Carolina University. As a mentor I worked with students that have learning disabilities by attending class with them and helping them with homework.I also helped them develop skills both interpersonal but also organizational skills to help them succeed in the future.



Stephen C. Morse Ph. D

Associate Professor & Program Director

Western Carolina University Hospitality & Tourism Program Director

Cullowhee, NC 28723

Office: (828) 227-3386
Cell: (865) 850-9319

email: [email protected]

Relationship: Professor at  Western Carolina University  from 01/11/2016 - Current


James H. Ullmer Ph. D

Professor of Economics

School of Economics, Management, & Project Management

Cullowhee, NC 28723

Office: (828) 227-3762

Cell: (828) 226-8368

email: [email protected]

Relationship: Professor at  Western Carolina University from Jan 12, 2015- Current


David W. Hayes

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

School of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sport Management, and Hospitality & Tourism

Cullowhee, NC 28723

Cell: (904) 982-9568

email: [email protected]

Relationship: Professor at  Western Carolina University  from 01/11/2016 - Current


Robert Mulligan

Professor of Economics

School of Economics, Management, & Project Management

Cullowhee, NC 28723

Office: (828) 227-3329

email: [email protected]

Relationship: Professor at  Western Carolina University  from Aug 17, 2015- Current


David Starnes

Assistant Professor, Director of Athletic Bands

School of Music

Cullowhee, NC 28723

Office: 828-227-2259

email: [email protected]

Relationship: Professor at  Western Carolina University from 08/15/2016- Current