A leader in the pecan distribution industry, Harrell Nut Company consistently offers its customers certified high-quality products. All of its facilities have earned Level 2 certification by the Safe Quality Food (S.Q.F.) Program, as well as accreditation by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (H.A.C.C.P.) Based Food Safety Program. In addition, Harrell Nut Company has received recognition by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.), which demonstrates the company's commitment to its employees as well as to its customers.

Harrell Nut Company maintains its primary facility in Georgia, where it houses its corporate offices. This facility also includes cleaning, shelling, packaging, and distribution facilities, as well as storage space and a retail outlet. The company also maintains a facility in Texas, the other primary pecan-producing region in the United States. There, pecans are shelled, stored, distributed, and sold to retail customers. With plants in both regions, the organization offers not only a wider variety of pecans but also lower shipping costs and a more local product for many of its customers. 

Harrell Nut serves wholesale buyers, including bakeries, supermarkets, and other leading food producers and servers. For customers in the retail industry, Ole Henry's Nuthouse offers a wide variety of treats, including chocolate-covered, candied, and in-shell pecans, as well as gift baskets and recipes. The company also maintains a fundraising arm, Camilla Pecan, which packages products for resale by community and nonprofit organizations.

Now approaching its 40th year of operation, Harrell Nut Company continues to offer the highest-quality products. In addition, the company remains committed to strong customer service. Because it is Kosher certified and compliant with rigorous quality standards, the company has become a distributor that pecan buyers can trust.

Work experience

Work experience
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