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To increase my awareness and my horizons in the work field, by exploring my areas of interest related to media, communications and journalism. I wish to get first hand experience on working in a firm and creating and launching projects while working with a team of people.


Aug 2015May 2019


Undergraduate School

Bachelor of Arts 

Bachelor of Media Studies 

Inclination: Media and Advertisement with a possible minor in Computer Science 

Aug 2011Jun 2015


High School

IGCSE Program- 9th and 10th grade 

Awards: Overall Improvement Award (both years)

International Baccalaureate Program (IB)- 11th and 12th grade

Diploma's earned: 

  • - IB Diploma
  • - IB Bilingual Diploma (English and Spanish as a first language)

Awards: Community Service Award (CAS)


June 2011 – August 2015

Volunteer work at the Blind Institute, India, New Delhi 


• Organized arts and crafts activities for kids in grades 4-5 to carry out in their classes

Recorded audio books in English that were used in the Local Blind School

Volunteered at the Blind Institute carrying out activities to be carried out in an annual fair.

Initiated sexual education classes that are taught in the local school to kids in 6th grade.

Actively participated and attended English classes in the local Blind School.

June 2015

Nature Morte Contemporary Art Gallery 

Nature Morte is a Gallery in New Delhi that curates and exhibits artwork of contemporary Indian artists.

Organizer, Leader, and Social Media and Advertisement coordinator

In charge of curatorial work, artwork inventory, social media for the gallery and advertisement

Moderated conversations between Latin American country’s cultural centers in India who were interested in collaborating with the

art gallery.

Interacted with different Indian Artists and organized several exhibits

May 2016

Muskan Productions, Indian based production house May-June 2016

Muskan Production is a reputed company with experience in making corporate, ad, fiction and non-fiction films

Editor, Illustrator, In charge of advertisement agency branch

• Edited stories written by Dr. Lavlin Thadani, and wrote some for the Children’s Film Society, India.

• Created over 100 illustrations for a children’s fable book to be published in December

• Contacted and worked closely with many advertisement agencies around Delhi

• Established partnerships between these advertisement companies and Muskan Productions

• Actively involved in the research for several documentary interviews, such as one for Mr. Ram Jethmalani, India’s most famous Crime Lawyer.


Activities/Campus Involvement


UTSAV- Indian Student Association 

Member and Volunteer

Currently involved in volunteering and helping out in any major event such as Diwali and Holi

Planned main events carried out in the Diwali Event

Administered the marketing for the event by handing out posters, selling tickets and advertising the event through social media.

Helped out during activities during and after the events.

Work History

Jan 2016Present

Cashier and Barista

Part time Job

Part-time job at Blenz, Vancouver, BC located on campus in the university village.(Work time: 16-21 hours per week)

Cashier and Barista

Observed and went through training for Barista and Cashier position

Prepared and brewed the ordered drinks and coffee during my allocated shifts

Cleaned and restocked the coffee shop Managed the orders and worked the cashier

Collaborated and communicated with my co-workers and established a healthy work environment 



Actively involved in creative activities at home and school. 

-Have been painting and Drawing since the age of 5 

-Participated in several exhibitions and closely worked with a renown Mexican artist 

-6 week summer course in Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) - major: painting 


Teamwork and Leadership

Excellent Teamwork and Leadership skills

Active part of many fundraising activities during High School

-Helped organize and successfully carry out fundraising activities for organizations such as Make A Wish Foundation, Red Cross, Aids Awareness. 

-Began several activities in school and in local embassy for Indian Cultural Awareness in Mexico City 


Fluent in: 

-Spanish (Speaking, Reading and Writing)

-English (Speaking, Reading and Writing)

-Hindi (Speaking) 

-Punjabi (Speaking)

Computer Skills

Computer Skills: 

-Microsoft Word, Excell, Powerpoint, Access


-Currently learning Java 

Computer Programming

Computer programming/Coding

One semester of computer coding at a University Level