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Professional Presentations


Survey Monkey
Microsoft Office
Electronic Medication Administration Record
Meditech Computer Skills

Career Goals and Objectives

At this time, I would like to find a full-time job as a nursing instructor at a teaching-intensive school of nursing. Preferably, I would love a tenure-track professor position. My expertise is in labor and delivery, postpartum, and well baby nursing. I would love to teach clinical and lecture in this content. I am willing to work a few shifts a month at a postpartum floor to keep my skills fresh and to encourage good relationships between the nursing program and the clinical placement. 

As for research/scholarship, I am passionate about two different topics: online learning and grief experienced by nurses. I have really enjoyed the flexibility of online learning and the possibilities it has to enhance learning. This topic is what I have decided to research for my dissertation. My dissertation topic is nontraditional nursing student’s achievement in the blended learning environment. Although I think online learning is pertinent to nursing education, I am also passionate about the grief experienced by nurses. This topic is one that I would love to undertake when I have become a more mature and experienced researcher.


Continuing Studies Scholarship, May 2012

Awarded in 2012-2013 school year. 

Kathryn M. Crossland Outstanding Student Award, April 2008

Awarded to two outstanding nursing students each year.

Sigma Theta Tau, International Honor Society of Nursing, April 2007

Initiated through academic achievement.

Philosophy of Nursing Education

Effective teaching happens when students gain a deep understanding of the content and improve their ability to learn. In effective teaching, the teacher’s responsibility is to be the expert of the content, convey the information in a way that facilitates student learning, and to encourage the culture of life-long learning. Students must be an active participant in the learning process. Students must be internally driven to learn, take responsibility for what they learn, and to strive to learn the way he or she learns and improve their ability to learn.

 Using evidence-based research, I strengthen and fully delve into my own foundation beliefs about teaching and learning. I am continually learning how to be the most effective nursing educator I can be. I am always changing the methods that I use to teach and the assessments that I evaluate to create the most significant learning experience. Only through continuous improvement can I enhance the learning of my students.

Synthesis Activities

Facilitator Teaching Evaluations

Student Teaching Evaluations

Teaching Plan

Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing consists of four components of environment, patient, health, and nurse.Environment consists of the surroundings around the patient, such as water, food, shelter, social support, security, etc. Patient can include the person receiving care, their families, and their communities. Health is not a dichotomous entity, but exists in a continuum. Nurse is the one providing care to the patient.  I believe that the nurse is to care and advocate for the patient to improve their health and/or their environment. Through using the nursing process (assess, diagnose, plan, implement, and evaluate), the nurse can impact their patients' health and environment. 

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Clinical Nursing Instructor

Bevill State Community College
  • Teaches nursing skills in a hospital environment.
  • Directs learning and critical thinking at the hospital.
  • Lectures on computer charting and electronic medication administration record
  • Grades care plans, medication cards, and head-to-toe assessments
Jan 2008Feb 2012

Registered Nurse

Northport Medical Center

  • Managed care of patients from onset of labor to delivery of infant to postpartum care.
  • Recovered patients from surgery and vaginal deliveries.
  • Managed care of well baby infants, such as hearing screens
  • Performed infant care in NICU (OG feeding, isolette monitoring, bathing, PO feeding, bililight managament.
Aug 2010Feb 2011

Graduate Research Assistant

University of Alabama
  • Developed, designed, implemented, and evaluated health promotion programs for employees
  • Assisted in research agenda for the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness
  • Assisted in programs, such as health screenings and 5K events
Dec 2005Dec 2007

Patient Care Assistant/Unit Secretary

DCH Regional Medical Center

  • Transcribed physician orders.
  • Admitted patients to computer system.
  • Assisted patient with activities of daily living (bathing, changing, feeding, positioning, and toileting).
  • Recorded rounds, intake and output, and vital signs.


Aug 2010Present

Doctorate of Education

University of Alabama
Aug 2010Present

Masters of Science in Nursing

University of Alabama
Aug 2004Dec 2007

Bachelor's of Science in Nursing

University of Alabama


Dec 2005Jul 2015

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation-Basic Life Support

American Heart Association
Jan 2008Dec 2014

Alabama Nursing License

Alabama Board of Nursing
May 2011Dec 2014

Mississippi Nursing License

Mississippi Board of Nursing