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About Haroon Mokhtarzada

Haroon Mokhtarzada has always been an entrepreneur. Growing up Silver Spring, he set up lemonade stands, hosted magic shows and started a neighborhood lawn-mowing business.

During the rise of the Internet, he was fascinated by the proliferation of Web sites and social networks. Someday, he predicted, everyone would have his own Web site to stake a personal claim on the ever-expanding net.

Haroon co-founded in 2001 with his brothers Zeki and Idris, starting with $2000, a single server and the inherent desire to create a website building tool so simple even his mom could use it. The brothers Mokhtarzada founded Freewebs while studying for undergraduate degrees at the University of Maryland. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Haroon went to Harvard Law School, where he continued building the company while earning his J.D. As CEO, he remains committed to the members and still regularly logs on to chat directly with the Freewebs community.

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Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

It all started in 2001, like any Internet fairy tale: three brothers, two thousand dollars and one server in the closet. The brothers Mokhtarzada figured everyone's getting an email address…one day everyone will have a website, too. So they set out to create a site building service easy enough for their mother to use. And they succeeded. Over 12 million members around the world have created their websites at Freewebs. And they remain focused on the original mission. In fact, Freewebs guarantees that anyone with an Internet connection and something to say can easily create and share a complete, high-quality website…for free! After 5 years of steady growth, Freewebs gained a vibrant community with millions of members, and a lot more servers. Freewebs received its Series A funding from Novak Biddle Venture Partners and Columbia Capital in August 2006. Phil Bronner (from Novak Biddle) and Arun Gupta (from Columbia Capital) joined the Board of Directors. They serve alongside co-founder and CEO Haroon Mokhtarzada, President Shervin Pishevar and Bobby Yazdani, CEO of Saba Software. guarantees anyone with an Internet connection can easily create and share a complete, high-quality Website using its versatile publishing platform.


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