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Haroldo Montealegre is well regarded as a long-time financial services executive, economic advisor, and political figure in his native Nicaragua. Currently serving as Chairman of the Board of MPeso International, S.A., Mr. Montealegre founded the regulated payment system provider in 2010. As leader of MPeso, Haroldo Montealegre directs the company’s innovative technical and business model, which allows cell phones to function as a mobile wallet. Used in conjunction with transfers, micro-finance, and public subsidies, MPeso helps to reduce crime and increases tracing capabilities for financial transactions.In addition to his duties with MPeso, Mr. Montealegre is Chairman of Viana Capital Corporation, which keeps offices in Miami, Florida, and Managua, Nicaragua. The company maintains portfolio and equity investments in a number of emerging markets. Viana Capital’s ventures include investments in technology, banking, newspapers, communications, chemicals, farmland, cotton production, and franchises.Mr. Montealegre played a key role in Nicaraguan political life in the years after the Central American country embraced democracy. Selected as Economic Advisor to President Violeta Chamorrow in 1990, Haroldo Montealegre stemmed hyperinflation and stabilized the country’s currency. He worked closely to reopen ties with the International Monetary Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Bank. He also successfully renegotiated Nicaragua’s debt with a number of countries.In 1996, Haroldo Montealegre ran for President of Nicaragua as a member of the Liberal Unity Party. His platform centered on securing property and contractual rights, social inclusion, economic liberalization, and ensuring due process.Haroldo Montealegre holds a BA in Economics and an MBA in Economics and Finance from the University of Chicago School of Business. He is married with four children, aged 18 to 29.

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Chairman of the Board and Founder

MPeso International

Chairman of the Board and Founder

Viana Capital Corporation, S. A.

Miami, Florida & Managua, Nicaragua




The University of Chicago


The University of Chicago