Harlan Collins

Harlan Collins

Work History

Work History
1981 - Present

Author / Editor


Nationally syndicated columnist, via Tribune Media Services.

Author of nationally syndicated newspaper feature, "Today’s Chuckle,"and Today’s Chuckle: 2500 Great One-Liners, published by  Putnam Books.

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May 2012 - Present



Multi-language dubbing for film, animation, TV, corporate and the Internet.Comprehensive Project Management for various projects, including bidding,budgeting, billing & accounting; video prep; script analysis, translation & adaptation;auditioning & scheduling talent; booking studios, engineers, directors.Clients include Nice Ninja Productions, Danfo, Dentatus, Atos Medical.

Aug 2005 - Dec 2012


Global Media Transfer

Digital distribution network for the film industry, featuring metadata transfer& real-time project management.Participated in design of GMT software suite.Project Managed the real-time international casting of Shrek 3, Bee Movie and KungFu Panda in 37 languages for Dreamworks/Paramount. Consulted Fox Internationaland Disney Interactive on global project management methodologies utilizing GMT.

Aug 2005 - May 2012

VP Production

Media Concepts

Post production services company, specializing in multi-language dubbing and theatrical & DVD mixing.

Media Concepts>  Brought in numerous multi-language ADR dubbing projects from clients such as Starz, Arts Alliance, Aurora and Golden Era.  Additionally, managed dubbing projects and directed dubbing sessions for various projects in 14 different languages.

Feb 2003 - Jul 2005

VP, Subtitling Division


Multi-language subtitling and captioning for DVD and TV.

Created and directed multi-language subtitling division, built an all-internet international translator network in over 40 languages, solicited and established customer base. Recruited and managed staff.  Directed sales as well as negotiated deals for company’s prime subtitling clients.

Jan 2001 - Jan 2003

Creative Director

VoxWorks Technologies

A vocal modeling software for multi-language dialogue replacement.

Developed marketing and business plan for prospective funding sources for 2nd round financing.Supervised proprietary software development as well as contracted, supervised and directedADR dubbing sessions.

Jan 2000 - Jan 2001

Creative Director

The Movie Treasury

Deluxe edition DVDs of classic films via ecommerce Internet marketing.

Created international classic film marketing strategy, participated in negotiations for film properties,design & creation of DVD packaging and international Internet web site.

Apr 1996 - Nov 2000

Creative Director

SDI Media Group

Film & DVD subtitling & dubbing in 40+ languages

Instrumental in creating and supervising the DVD division; recruited, trained & managed staff.  Under my watch,

the company grew from 23 employees to over 200.  Additionally, supervised proprietary software development

and contracted, supervised & directed ADR dubbing sessions.




New York University



Language Localization

Expert in language localization in all world territories, including procuring and managing translators & editors, worldwide asset distribution and real-time global project management via proprietary Internet tools.        

Website Producer

www.globalmediatransfer.com www.idiomizer,com www.underwing.tv www.mediaconcepts.net www.highlanderopera.com


Business Plans Web Texts Audio-Visial Presentations Print Collateral Financial Projections RFPs Syndicated Columnist & Author Experienced Public Speaker  

Marketing / Business Development

A history of business development and relationship marketing, liaising with entertainment sector decision makers from Fox, Paramount, Warners, Sony, Dreamworks, Disney, LucasFilms and IMAX, among others.   Expertise in both B2B & B2C marketing & sales.    

Project Management

Deep experience managing:   software programmers video editors audio engineers graphic designers scriptwriters translators voiceover/acting talent musicians administrative staff ...for film, animation, TV, PSAs, the Internet and live events.