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Haritha Subramanian Kalyanaraman

Passionated & Preferred Electrical Engineer


Aug 2012Aug 2014

Master of Science 

Arizona State University, USA

GPA  3.2/4

  • Master of science in Electrical Engineering specializing in power systems.
Aug 2008Jun 2012

Bachelor of Engineering

Anna university, India

GPA  8.6/10

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics.

Work History

Sep 2014Present

Electrical Engineer

Guardian Independent Certification Limited, India
  •  Preparing front end design of equipment layout, single line diagrams, protection and metering diagrams.
  • Performing voltage drop calculations, steady state power flow, transient stability and short circuit studies.
  • Monitoring system voltages, line flows, back feeding, equipment loading and transformer tap changes with one second resolution.
  • Analyze the adequacy of backup protection during in-service tasks or during protection system component failures.
  • Provide planning team with expected clearing times for a fault in the in-service abnormal protection system's zone of protection.
  • Designing protection and control scheme by using over-current relays, bus differential relays and transformer differential relays.
Aug 2012Aug 2014

Project Experience

Arizona State University, USA
  • Power flow and stability of a system Spring 2014

A skeleton transmission system in Arizona was modelled and power flow analysis was done to minimize the cost and to dispatch the generation in an economical manner. In addition to this, stability studies were performed to determine the compensation needed to maintain synchronism.

Software used:Power World .

  • Sparse matrix solution methods for power flow problems Spring 2014

A sparsity based program was created to solve the power flow problem in an IEEE 118 bus system using the Newton Raphson method. To solve this, lower, upper triangular and diagonal factorization and substitution techniques were used.

Software used: Matlab.

  • Modelling a standard two area system as a classical machine system Fall 2013

Modelled a sample four machine system as a classical synchronous machines and a three phase fault was applied to test the stability of this system. The critical clearing time was found and the merits of using relative angles plots were discussed.

Software used: PSLF,PSS/E.

  • Design of an electrical drive system Fall 2013

Designed an electrical drive system comprising of a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a cascaded H -bridge inverter connected to the grid to run a 10 MW compressor. The motor was controlled using inner current and outer speed loops and also works in the field weakening region.

Software used: PLECS.

  • Integration of a photovoltaic syatem to grid using micro inverter Fall 2013

A photovoltaic system was integrated to a single phase grid using a dc -dc boost converter and a full bridge micro inverter with k factor control. The devices were switched using PWM technique and the inverter was controlled both using inner current loop and outer voltage loop.

Software used: PLECS.

  • Transmission Line Design Spring 2013

Designed a single circuit transmission line from Tenkasi to Thiruvananthapuram. Determined the environmental factors, and the effects of electric and magnetic fields and calculated the number of towers,conductors,insulators.

Software Used: MatLab.

  • Analysis of a thermal heat source for an unmanned underwater vehicle Spring 2013

Designed an insulation system or an unmanned underwater vehicle and also analyzed the flow rates and the heat losses to maximize the operational time for a given efficiency. A finite element analysis was also conducted on the heat source to have a broader idea of the heat flow.

Software used: SolidWorks, ANSYS.

  • Injection of a photovoltaic generation in an existing system Fall 2012

Analyzed the transmission system in Arizona and checked for n-1 contingency and found the maximum photovoltaic injection to this system without the system loosing n-1 compliancy.

Software used: PowerWorld.

  • Design of system protection Fall 2012

Designed a protection scheme for a 230 kV transmission system including over current protection on a distribution feeder, distance relay protection, differential protection for transformer and breaker ratings.

Software Used: PowerWorld.

  • Effect of transients due to a single line to ground fault Fall 2012

Studied the effect of transients on a 230 kV system and found the maximum transient voltage as well as the transient recovery voltage across the breaker and the change in it due to the effect of switching resistors.

Software Used: PSCAD,EMTP.

May 2011Jun 2011

Student Intern

Guardian Independent Certification Limited, Chennai India
  • Student Intern Worked on CE marking requirements for various types of electrical items.
  • Assisted on finding an appropriate method for testing an item depending on its type and in implementations of these types.
  • Prepared technical documents which involved description, requirements and test results.



Fundamentals of Engineering

Government of Arizona

To certify the person is proficient in basics of Electrical Engineering.


K.Aarthi, S.K.Haritha, R.Rengaraj, "Optimal Tuning of PID controller Using Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm for AVR Systems", International Review of Automatic Control, July 2012, Vol. 5. N. 4, pp. 469-475.

Professional Skills

Programming Languages

Matlab, C, C++, Java

Simulation Tools

Simulink, PLECS, PowerWorld, PSCAD, EMTP, PSLF, PSS/E, PSPICE, SolidWorks, ANSYS, Cadence, AutoCAD.

Software Knowledge

Microsoft office, Microsoft Project, Adobe reader, Adobe Photoshop.


Norwegian, English (GRE - 1320, TOEFL - 115), Tamil, Korean, Hindi & Malayalam


References can be provided upon request.