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Work experience

Authorization & Fraud Control Officer


  • Monitoring transactions made on our credit cards in High-risk countries and establishing the genuinity of the charge immediately so as to curtail counterfeit charges. 
  • Deciding on approval of extra amount over and above the assigned credit limit on SCB credit cards on basis of the history of the card account.
  • Providing decision of Approval or Decline on all Master and Visa credit cards to our merchants and on SCB credit cards to Acquiring Banks. 
  • Reviewing Credit card accounts which have defaulted and ascertaining whether to hot list the cards.
  • Reviewing those Credit cards on which High value cheque payments have been deposited and to determine if the amount needs to be blocked temporarily until the cheque is realized from the Card holder’s Bank thereby reducing risk to the Bank if the Cheque returns.
  • Assisting all regional authorization and customer support officers with any of their queries related to credit card accounts and also providing them with adequate product training.
  • Assigned as Team Leader for Mumbai, Coimbatore and Calcutta region to help the member to accomplish the above mentioned and also to motivate and coach them in new policies and procedures.
Feb 2011Present

Business Process Analyst

Thomson Reuters

My duties, tasks, responsibilities can be categorized into:

(a)Financial Management

(b)Reporting Activities

(c)Vendor Management

(d)Customer Relationship Management

Financial Management

·Budgeting and Budget verification– To allocate the budget fixed by the finance team to all the internal services departments and make sure that the expenses should not overshoot the budget value. Each quarter a report should be prepared explaining the trend analysis.

·Cost Tracking - To make sure all costs, forecasted and actual, are tracked to enable accurate run rate reporting and subsequent years forecast to be produced.

·Purchase Requisition - Raising all PRs for Internal Services requirement and make sure that amount of purchase is not exceeding the budgeted value.

·PR Invoice analysis - Verification of all invoices presented to Internal Services based on the PR created. Many of these charges are variable and require a line by line review.

·Data Analysis– Invoices sent by British Telecom, COLT etc requires line by line analysis against the backup files produced and make sure that the value should not cross the Budgeted value.

·Capex - To forecast CAPEX spend annually and analyze the actual spend every month based on the reports extracted by the Business Explorer.

·Prepare the variance report on a monthly basis and explain the spend trend on the CAPEX expenditure.

Reporting Activities

·To prepare the vendor utilization report, i.e. how many times the vendor has been paid and frequency of  payment time etc.

·To prepare invoice ageing report.

·To prepare recharge of expense report on monthly basis.

·To help in preparing accrual report during the year end to close the books of accounts.

·To prepare unaccounted invoice report on a weekly basis.

Vendor Management

·Quarterly Billing – analysis and validation of service charges against budget/contract and processing of invoices

·Change Control Management & Reverse Contracts

·Contract Renewals - To notify the Vendor Managers/Line Managers on Maintenance Contract Renewals/Contractor Renewals

·Debt Collection

·Ad Hoc Charge Analysis – project impacting, project spend etc

·Maintenance and management of maintenance contracts

·Issuing maintenance contract renewals 3 months in advance

·Maintenance monthly Accruals

Customer Relationship Management

·Ensuring continuous interaction with the customer to make sure that area of concern can be worked upon for improved service levels.

·Setting out quality standards for various operational areas, ensuring a high-quality customer experience while adhering to the SLA’s and work processes

Nov 2006Jan 2011

Process Developer

Thomson Reuters

During my Tenure in Accounts Payable Department I have worked in the role of

·Customer Service Representative,

·Senior Customer Service Representative,

·Process Developer

Accounts Payable Functions:

·Use Oracle AP and SAP system to ascertain history of supplier and notes relating to work in progress with respect to query resolution for specific suppliers & Assist and/or perform supplier statement reconciliations.

·To audit the invoice received for payment is appropriate to pay or not.

·To ensure that invoice contains all the required information to make payment to vendors. Else,

I have to inform my team members to contact vendor asking for the proper invoice copy with all the necessary details

·To check whether vendor is already exists in the system for the remittance of payment, if not,

I need to inform the team members to setup the vendor and inform them to investigate the details provided by them.

·To audit/review the invoices processed by the team members.

·To send notifications to vendors through email once payment is successfully done.

·To make sure that the payment is done as per the agreed vendor pay terms.

·To help in procurement process of the firm.

·To handle the emails from the vendors and give them a proper status of the payment

·Track payment runs to ensure supplier or employee requests are processed. Ensure employee expenses are reimbursed in a timely manner.

·Provide information to the Team Leader to assist in the tracking of performance for the settlement of supplier invoices and employee expense claims & the status of supplier and employee queries

·Proactively suggesting improvements & Provide data of nature of problems to assist in improving processes by performance targeted analysis. 

Team Management

·To resolve all the grievances and problems of the team related to process and make sure that team members are not facing any problem.

·To give provide training to the team related to process and train them perfectly so that they get the proper hold on the process.

·To conduct the performance meeting on every month and inform the team members about their performance.

·To prepare efficiency and accuracy report of the team members based on the data available and take necessary action if required.

·To monitor the end to end process activities done by the team members are meeting the organizations expectation. If any gaps or discrepancies, I need to discuss the same with the team and fix the problem.

Transition &Project Management

·Spearheadedoperations&contributedasanintegralpartofatwomemberteamthat traveled toUKtotransition theAccountsPayableHelpDeskandprocessing department formLondon (UK)toBangalorein January07–March07.

·ContributedasanintegralpartofSAPintegration andmigrationteamwhichtraveled toHyderabad totransition theSAPmoduletoAccounts PayableProcess

·Went on AssignmentasBusinessRelation ManagertoLondon duringApr09–Oct 09, thepurposeofassignmentwasto educate andresolvetheproblemsfacedbythe businessclientswhileusingthePurchasingandExpensetoolandalsotoassistin stream linetheInvoiceprocessingand processing purpose.

Oct 2005Nov 2006

Junior Customer Service Clerk

British Airways

Job Profile      :   

  • Responsible in doing check-in for passengers
  • Responsible in Post flight work such as ATSR Closure, Handling Rush Bags and Lost Baggage queries
  • Responsible in handling DNB’s and giving alternative solutions for them
  • Responsible in record management.
  • Coordinating with different hotels to avail corporate rates for the airline.
  • Ensuring the correct implementation of security procedures at the airport.
  • Co-coordinating with different agencies at the airport for the smooth flow of ground operations.
  • X-raying Passenger bags & OCS mails
  • Assisting newly inducted  CSR’s to accomplish their objectives
  • Access Control to the Aircraft
  • Baggage reconciliation to check whether bags has been screened and its meeting Triple AAA standards
  • Passenger Frisking
  • Escorting the catering Vehicle to the aircraft and supervision of catering loading
Nov 2004Oct 2005

Process Executive


  • Assisting customers in maintaining their account properly by advising them how to manage funds.
  • Assisting customers in making inter account transfers and making utility bill payments.
  • Responsible in processing Bank drafts and Traveler’s Cheques request for a/c holders.
  • Suggesting customers bank products such as loans, credit cards, Premier accounts according to profile and customer needs and participating in promotional events and achieving targets.
  • Reviewing bank accounts to ascertain whether customer is eligible for an overdraft.
  • Mentoring Newly Inducted CSR’s to accomplish their objective and gain work knowledge.
Sep 2000Oct 2002

Customer Service Executive, Reservations


  • Responsible in making reservation, ticketing & fare calculation according to the passenger needs.
  • Responsible in doing Tele-Checking Passengers & doing pre-flight and post flight editing.
  • Liaising with travel agents to cancel fictious reservations to maintain accurate passenger list
  • Assisting newly inducted  CSR’s to accomplish their objectives
  • I was also part of the team which was assigned to promote weak flights and ensure more sales on these flights & responsible in doing telesales to increase revenue on ex-Bangalore flights.