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9 years experience in IT with System Administration 7+ years experience in Linux System Administration Database experience in MySql, PostgresSQL, & Oracle Mailserver experience in Postfix, Sendmail & Qmail Storage experience in SAN, & NAS (EMC) Virtual Server experience in VmWare & Xen Cluster experience in VCS Middleware experience in Apache, Tomcat, IBM Web sphere Scripting experience in Bash, shell, Python, & Perl

Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Sr.Linux System Administrator

Staples Inc.,
• Two Data centers (Marlborough & Needham) with more than 400+ Physical servers and 100+ virtual servers (VMware) on HP ProLiant DL platforms with HP Server Automation Software (Opsware) • PCI project: First stage Retail sector with 100+ Linux Servers and Second Stage Corporate sector with 75+ Linux Servers • Password policies which involves designing of PAM policies, testing of the policies and implementation • Designing of Sudo policies, testing and implementation • Designing of rules like disabling of root logins, enabling of session Timeout • Updating of Kernel and security patches and maintaining Red Hat Satellite Server • Sysstat Installed for Server Consolidation Program on entire Linux farm (Non DMZ and DMZ) Prod and Non-Prod(DEV, Performance & QA) Servers for P2V (VMware) • Designing of BigFix Fixlet and testing on test servers and implementing on Non-production and Production servers • Ongoing MySQL DB support activities like installation, configuration, and maintenance. • Working closely with Application team to resolve ongoing issues with respect to PCI project, File system issues, helping Application team for starting/stopping applications • Remedy Tickets for creating Change Request, Help Disk Tickets and Service Request • Prepared project plan for OS upgrade & Server Configuration Update • Build new servers using kick start & Opsware through iLO(integrated Lights-Out) RIB remote installation, EMC Power path for SAN, HP Data Protector(DP) installed and configured for taking Backups, PSP for HP Hardware monitoring, and post build scripts (like PCI compliance) using BigFix and finally checking System Build Checklist • Proactively Investigated and resolved for Server Kernel Panic issues • Analyzed and resolved HP Storage Data Protector Cell manager server and client issues • Smart array 6i controller Firmware upgrade to 2.84 for battery failure issue
Mar 2008Aug 2008

Sr.Linux Administrator

EMC Corp
• Worked in Datacenter Lab1 managed 200 server nodes for project • Compiled, Build & Installed PostgreSQL database 8.3.1 and written shell script for startup in SuSE Enterprise Linux 10sp1 Supermicro dedicated server 6015B-3R for Fortress platform development Lab, app and QA team • Build two new VMware ESX Server 3.0 & 3.5 in Supermicro server 8045C-3R using Guest OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Created different virtual machine like Debian, windows 2003 & 2008 server, SuSE enterprise Linux using VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client 2.0 & 2.5 tool and configured with CLARiiON storage box • Installed and Configured system network monitoring tool used Nagios and troubleshooted virtual machine issues • Used IPMI(Intelligent Platform Management Interface) tool for accessing Supermicro server and managed F5 system
Nov 2006Dec 2007

Sr. Linux System Administrator

Svapas Innovations
• Managed server nodes running SuSE Linux, for application • Installed and configured DNS server using bind9 for multiple domain like,, and • Implemented Internet load balancing on Multiple ISP, Firewall, Port forward, IP routing using IPTABLES • Wrote shell scripts for system backup[Rsync,ssh,crontab] • Installed, configured and maintenance PostgreSQL for application data, postfix mail server data • Supported MySQL database for wiki media, Bugzilla, and dotproject • Implemented Postfix mail server and used Dovecot IMAP/POP3 protocol, SASL authentication(SSL certificate using openSSL), n number of Virtual Mail box created in PostgreSQL, webmail access configured using squirrel mail, and add/change and remove domain and mail id using Ruby on Rails • Version Control implemented using SVN Subsystems and WebSVN • Performed server rack mounting and managed /retired old rack optimized servers • Installed SSL certificate for mail server and web server • Router(http, https, SSH port enabled), Wireless Router Configuration • Bug tracking system implemented using Bugzilla for application • Installed and configured LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for different application like,, and • Lightweight Directory Access protocol(LDAP) setup for user authentication integrated with Postfix mail server, and Apache web server • Project Management implemented using dot Project open source • Remote server maintenance using SSH, in windows putty tool • Successfully installed and configured VMware workstation for testing team • Monitored servers and responded to alerts from Nagios Monitoring Software • Installed RPM package, update and upgrade using YUM • Written shell scripts to automate system maintenance tasks for Linux clusters
Mar 2005Nov 2006

Sr. System Executive

Synergy Log-in Systems Ltd
• Responsible for the Database / Network operation with 8 server and 120 Desktops • Setup Squid Proxy Server for internet sharing and to block the unwanted sites • Maintained Samba File Server for user authentication, synlog domain, and file sharing • Setup VOIP 8 port Audio Code for outsource business consultant • Installed and configured Citrix Metaframe XP Presentation Server, Terminal Server to published ITMS application for demo and also used WebEx • Setup Clustering for Linux servers • Setup VPN for external team • Used lilo and fsck to resolved server issues using rescue mode, and single user mode • Assisted the development team and reviewed the required maintenance tasks • Responsible for Connectivity issues among various Servers and various software components Storage • Implemented SAN and DAS dual port SCSI interface on Linux and Windows using LSI20320 SCSI card • Added new hard disk, created new file system, & Logical volume management(LVM) and mounted • Used Infotrend Eonstor A08U-C2412 (SCSI-SATA RAID Storage Array) Software Infotrend RAID Watch 2.2.A, 400+500GB Hitachi SATA Disk Used SCSI VHDCI 68 (Very High Density Cable Interconnect) cable Oracle DBA • Restored dump from tape cartridge (DDS4). Used Ntbackup tool to import into Oracle 8i, 9i database for ITMS, MIRROR application • Created schema for Live area, test area, development area and support team for every client • Created new instance, new table space as per requirement and recreated for corrupted instance, and table space
Mar 2001Feb 2005

System Administrator

Swell’e Technologies & Solutions Pvt Ltd.,
Windows 2000 Server • Installed, configured and administered Windows2000 Server • Configured DHCP Server for windows 2000 professional installation using Remote Installation Service(RIS) • Configured Active Directory(AD) and created domain server using dcpromo tool, user authentication using PDC, created lots of user account using template • Installed and Configured Mail Server for MS-Exchange2000 Server • Installed, Configured and Deployed IBM Web Sphere Web Server for Corporate training Red Hat Linux Server • Installed and configured Red Hat Linux Server and used Kick-start for unattended Installation • Installed and configured DNS Server for training and Configured DHCP • Installed and configured Samba Server for file and printer sharing • Implemented Network File System(NFS) for file sharing and network installation • Implemented Network Information System(NIS) for user authentication • Installed and configured oracle 8i on Red Hat Linux server • Uploaded and downloaded files between Remote and Local servers using FTP • Installed and configured Apache/Tomcat/Java/MySQL for the e-learning projects • Installed and configured Squid proxy for net sharing IBM-AIX Server • Configured the Software and Network on AIX RS/6000 machines • System Backup and restore • Defined and managed subsystems (Printing, networks….) • Managed system resources (for example, disk space) • Documented system configuration • Scheduled backup for server • Planned Pre installation for system policies and storage allocation Sun Solaris Server • Planned Pre installation for system policies and storage allocation • Installed and configured Sun Solaris • Unattended Installation using Jump-start • Checked server logs for any Critical Hardware/Software issues • Configured Samba server for file sharing • Configured in auto mounted (AMD), NFS and NIS
Jan 1999Feb 2001

System Administrator

Arun Smelters Ltd.,
• Installed Packages based on the user requests • Designed and implemented the Network architecture • Installed and configured Network of the Windows 95/98, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, and Backup and restore of account databases • Troubleshoot and resolved Networks, printers, systems and software’s issues • Maintenance and tuning of Windows 95/98 machines • Installed and configured Red Hat Linux 5 dual booting • Developed some modules like Sales(Invoice), Purchase, Store entry screen and Report in FoxPro and VB




University of Madras


Madurai Kamaraj University