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Career Objectives

                                            Aspiring to work as the most challenging and creative Production coordinator.Where by supporting on going production with my software skills and Visual communication expertise attained from the 3 years of valuable experience, to make  a difference in the company I work.



MBA - Master in Business Administration

Sikkim Manipal University (SMU)

MBA [Marketing & Human Resource]


B.Sc  Visual Communications

Hindusthan College of Arts & Science, Affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimabatore, TN , India

Media Studies


Higher School Certificate (HSC)

Bala Bharathi Matriculation HSC, Salem, TN,India

Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC)

Brahathambal Higher secondaryschool, Pudukkottai, TN, India

Work experience


Designing ,Photographer , ,Script writer ,Media 


                                As a freelancer I have undertaken projects in advertisement making, short film making, Photography,Designing and script writing. I have taken a project with a developing wellness center in my locality to promote its initial growth I had worked with the advertising making,  Photography for their promotions and Logo Designing. Through which I  was able to understand and deliver a dynamic and out spoken peace of work, which not only stood out in its category but it also speaks in honor of my hard work and efforts taken.

                                  Keith Frey the director hailing from the USA who is currently directing the movie "possession" The old story Part 1 and 2, had interviewed me on-line. Keith Frey had offered me to develop the script and screenplay with which he was very impressed and has accepted to give direct credit in all of the movie’s promotions .This experience of working with a foreign director was enriching and has taken my script writing skills a step higher.

                                   I have not only enjoyed casual photography but I have  also  embraced  arranging subject material in desired position, estimating and measuring light level,distance, and number of exposures needed, using measuring devices and formulas, framing subject matter and background in lens to capture desired image and focusing camera and adjusting settings based on lighting, subject material, distance, and film speed to a professional level and occasionally done a few event photography for various celebrations and functions . These experiences have always been a blessing in disguise which not only augmented my filming but has helped me to improvise on my Photography composing skills as well.


Production support 


                                     Working within a production support team, at BOT VFX Chennai, TN, India . Which panders to international VFX projects; I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and special skills in understanding and rendering quality and variety, involved in the international arena of VFX. I have also indulged in responsibilities of receiving projects, analysing processed projects and reporting them. This has always aroused me to perfect my specialities within the quality of this wide arena.


Production Coordinator and Administrator

Renovo Technologies

                                      Production coordinator and administrator-Renovo Technologies, Chennai, TN, India. Working as a Production coordinator and Administrator in has helped me to evolve my Time and Data management skills, to coordinate and deliver immaculate projects for a variety of clients, catering to Java, DOT net, HTML type of projects and coordinating the end to end processing.


  •          In my college days, the experiences of working with a few short films, documentaries, advertisements etc. provided the launching pad to my undivided attention and interest  within the field of film making. This has not only led me to become what I am now but, also has instilled the passion for growing into what I have always dream of becoming in the media field, helping me to evolve into a more skillful individual in technical aspects of pre-production and post-production works.
  •         What started off as a casual talent with 55mm basic DSLR became a strong liking and drove my artistic skills to professional level to plan, schedule and execute all aspects of conventional photography including ‘on-location’ procedures and clinical shoots.
  •         One year in digital magic for a VFX course not only widened my knowledge and added a new dimension to methought processes but also fed my skills and creativity in animation in accordance with international bases.
  •          Working with director Mr. Keith Frey ,as a script writer and assistant director in the movie “possession” the old story part 1 and 2,has been a big eye opener in terms of the international film making. This has enhanced my creative work nature to a great extent.



                 Constant learning and self-challenging and determined person with, Good leadership qualities amalgamated with the sincerity of work ethics and astounding interpersonal communications and relationship across the team has always been the bread and butter of my carrier so far to do what I have achieved in my field of expertise.


                     "Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (including Outlook,Excel and Power Point), Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, VFX software  such as Combustion, Fusion, Shake, Silhouette FX and Nuke, and editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Avid and Final Cut Pro."


                      Proficient in oral and written English and Tamil.