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2002Oct 2013

Safety Officer

As an“ SAFETY OFFICER” with ZETI, from till continues in service KEY RESULT AREAS: Strategic Planning Formulation and implementation of safety policies and programmers. Maintenance of safety within and outside the working hours I the factory premises. Ensure the effective practice of safety precautions by the personnel of the factory. Continues- General Administration Ensure smooth functioning of the safety department. Ensuring effective practice of safety norms within the factory premises. Strict vigil in and around the factory premises for averting hazards. Capable of handling situations in the most befitting manner at the shortest time. Identification of hazard zones and ensures adequate safety measures as the situation. Educate the personnel, the importance of safety precautions by various means. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITY: To comply with safety law, norms, standards, work permit system standard operating procedure(SOP). To coordinate and motivate safety educational and training programme among workers. To promptly inculcate the sprit of safety among workers by launching safety campaigns in the form of observing safety weeks and through other audio-visual aids including arranging contents, talks and seminars on safety, to organize safety promotional activities. To identify hazardous task and process as well as hazardous zones in the worker place with suitable demarcation of such zones. To keep in redlines fire-fighting squads, medical support and first aid help for the personal during shutdown job. To report regularly perform as well as accident trends. To ensure that personal protective equipments are in working condition and being used by workers in hazardous situations. To formulate and select suitable remedial and corrective measure in order to contain or minimize unsafe procedure and practice and hazards of various and hazards of various nature. To inspect fire fighting equipments and to see that they are in working condition. To arrange mock fire-fighting drills time to time in addition to fire protection surveys. Continues-03 To update review and enforce the fire detection and fire control system in addition training and educational programmed on fire prevention and fighting. Checking of PPE such as safety shoes, helmet, goggles, hand gloves, safety harness. Conduct toolbox meeting. Pre-commissioning
Jun 2011Aug 2013

Safety Officer





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