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Thịnh Huỳnh Thị

I believe in a workplace, whereby differencies are respected, I can be who I am, be creative, be crazy, be enthusiastic, and be a contributor in every project I am in.

Won't know how stupid I am until I myself play it up



Little Girl - Be girl be sweetie (Handmade beauty products)

  • Customer service
  • Content writer
  • Facebook fanpage manager
  • Graphic design
  • Photographer concurrently (lips) model

*Click 'Little Girl' on above to visit Facebook fanpage

"When you start to do something (new),people start talking about some new topics.

Care nothing of them, as you know what you are going to do, but they don't"

**See below for Little Girl's brief

Mar 2012Jun 2012

Intern student

Euro Auto - The official authorized importer in Vietnam providing renowned BMW products and services
  • "K.H.O manager"
  • Customer (telephone) survey
  • Advertisement licensing (X1 Art Edition)
Jul 2010Aug 2010

Intern student

Firework Communications
  • Market research

*From here, I found my interesting in Communication sector


Critical thinking

I usually seek for the improvements or progressives rather than the convention.

Idependent mind

Living far away from home for about 10 years helps me unfold an independent mind, moreover, it helps me more critical & assertive.


I hold dear to my relations, I suppose that the understanding and respect are the keys in our relations, regardless of who we are dealing with.


In agency, everyone is a part of a chain, any derange occured can cause a crisis. Therefore, team spirit should be respected.


Although I can be nervous when presenting, I am confident with my presentations, as it is always well-prepared.

Problem solving

I am a evaluative, hence, sometimes I am not flexible and determined enough to solve something suddenly happened. In this case, I prefer using my experience or advice from the superior.

Quick learning at new things

I consider that learning is about listening, observation, practicing and experiencing. Not too much theory is ok.

Performace under pressure

As self-assessment, I mark it higher than this. However, it is difficult to claim for sure whether I can perform well under pressure or not, I need more practical experience.


Psychometric tests show that I am an introversion. I keep improving this by listening, observating and practicing.

(See more at:

"Your personality type: “The Adventurer” (ISFP-T)
Strength of individual traits: Introverted: 20%, Observant: 31%, Feeling: 46%, Prospecting: 43%, Turbulent: 55%.
Role: Explorer
Strategy: Constant Improvement"

Enthusiasm & Responsibility

Nothing can be done without enthusiam and responsibility.

MC Office (Word & PPT)

In MC Word, I appreciate simplicity, as it somehow presents for professional. In PPT, I want it to be more visual and vibrant. 

Graphic design (PTS & AI)

I can use these softwares for some basic demands (As I did all visual documents for Little Girl - Showed in below section)

Learning is about listening, observation, practicing and experiencing.

Dec 2014Mar 2015

Certificate of successfully participated in Digital Platform Management training course

Aiim - Marketing Communication Skills Training Center
  • Study 11 most popular tools in the environment Digital Media.
  • Understand the principles and processes to work with the department as Communications, Manufacturing, Planning and Innovation which is very important to implement programs Digital Marketing.
  • Practice on real projects (See more at:

Bachelor of Arts (Business Management)

University of Greenwich - FPT University Institution

Meaningful achievements


  • Independent mind & more open-minded
  • Appriciate differencies
  • Multi-aspect criticism 
  • To be more assertive
  • Joined in an "Farming Experiment Trip"
    • Students worked and stayed with farmers at LangBiang Farm, 20km away from Da Lat city, in 5 days.
  • Ran Little Girl - Be girl be sweetie
    • Handmade beauty products

Dissertation: Measuring the Effectiveness of Product Placement on Brand Equity.

The general aim of this research is to study about what extent of product placement in reality TV shows influences the viewers in terms of brand equity (...). The findings showed that the brand familiarity, placement fit, program integration and attitudes toward placed brands in general impacted the brand equity at all blocks, but in different extent. 

*See more at 


Advanced diploma (Business Administration)

Hoa Sen University

Meaningful achievements


  • Teamwork lessons
  • Presentation skills
  • MS Word & PPT professional presenting

2011 & 2012

  • Class monitor
  • Joined in "Noel Ấm Áp" - An annual charity activities organized by Business Administration Major

2010 & 2011

  • Joined in Welcoming Frenshment Caremony in Business Administration Major

2009 - 2010

  • Joined in HSU Badminton Champion Ship

Little Girl - Little Biz

"When you start to do something (new),people start talking about some new topics.

Care nothing of them, as you know what you are going to do, but they don't"

As understanding my limitations, plus with the desire to discover more about them, Little Girl was an adventure that sharpens my strengths as well as reveals my weaknesses. Therefore, this business was not about profit or money, it was about benefiting myself, by attempting to meet my own limitations, followings are my derived achievements from Little Girl.

Clarify market sigmentation

  • WHO are customers?
    • Teen and Tween (16-22 yrs old)
  • WHERE are they?
    • On social network: Facebook
  • WHAT do they want?
    • They are interested in NEW things (beauty trend)


  • Limited budget
    • Require faster money flow
  • Meet the demands from the market
    • Continuously update new products and product lines.
    • Require well understanding the market
    • Have a good taste of on-trend-things (up to date with beauty trendy)
  • Face the confusion between handmade products versus unknowned/unlabeled products.
  • Work "alone" (independently) with various roles


  • Create mini size
    • "miniCombo" was a great campaign that gained competitive advantage for Little Girl
    • For customers: More economically. Just about 135.000 - 145.000 VND for 3 mini size (3 colors), instead of about 255.000 VND for 3 full size ones.
    • For Little Girl: Increase sales, increase money flow, increase price (in the long term), increase margin eventually.
    • Posibly update new product lines (colors).
    • Little Girl was wel-known as "mini size provider."
    • See more at:
  • Invest in packaging (as attached below)

As forecasted, Little Girl was a failed trial

The following deficiencies are my what I have to improve in the forthcoming.

  • The business acumen
  • Good taste of on-trend-things
  • Strategic plan
  • Continuous process of updating news feed
  • Showing feedback - Customers prefer reviewing feedback.

Little Girl was my experiment and attempt to do something similar to Account Executive. As I regard its idiosyncratic (high work pressure and requiring great coordination manner), it will be a catalyst that fortifies my strengths, and conquers my weaknesses. Concisely, I consider Account Executive as a pedal for my long term career. The following section is furhter references and my career road map.

Some representatives of Little Girl