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About Joseph

Joseph is a highly organized, dependable, and passionate science educator who is committed to help cultivate a new generation of STEM savants. Joseph is dynamically driven to providing students with the confidence to ask questions, the tools to develop analytical and critical thinking skills, and the encouragement to recognize their full intellectual potentials.

  • Professionally-trained research scientist with corporate and academic laboratory experiences; dedicated to offering students an inside-look at the biotechnology industry, and providing them with reality-based learning examples 
  • Demonstrated flexibility in adapting teaching methodologies to accommodate learning differences both at the individual- and classroom-level while adhering to core curricula and school standards; expertise in Individualized Education Planning
  • Proven track-record of effectively using evidence-based teaching strategies to engage and enhance student performance; committed to keeping up with the latest research in STEM education methodology to foster the highest order of learning
  • Highly adept at integrating creative, technological, and interactive teaching methods into science curricula as a tool to promote student participation and reinforce understanding of course material
  • Passionate about motivating students of diverse backgrounds to reach their full academic and social potentials; ambitious to cultivate awareness of diversity in the classroom
  • Eager to support and mentor students on an extra-curricular basis by implementing after-school activities, or organizing academic and corporate events
  • Experience in teaching college-level and high school science courses of all sizes, from 1-200 students, to audiences ranging from 15-75 years in age; exhibited success by quantifiably improving academic performance and interest in STEM fields


Professional Master of Science, Biotechnology 

Brandeis University 

GPA 4.0/4.0

Matriculated from an interdisciplinary graduate program that integrated biotechnology and business development curricula, drawing upon the expertise of the world-class Life Science department and International Business School at Brandeis University.

Bachelor of Science, Biology

Brandeis University                 

GPA 3.8/4.0

Magna Cum Laude,  Dean's List Accredited All Semesters              

Work Experience



Currently teaching multiple sections of  Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and associated labs  to a diverse audience of students. Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic teaching tools are integrated daily, and active learning techniques incorporated regardless of class size.  Demonstrated success in promoting awareness of STEM careers and piquing student interest in biological sciences. 

Structural Biophysics,                   Scientific Associate II

Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research

Designed and implemented innovative, high-throughput screening assays to support the discovery of potential cancer therapeutics; expertise in investigating the three-dimensional structures of protein complexes for drug development. 

Collaborated directly with an international team of scientific leaders and biochemists and attended science conferences worldwide to conduct research and present experimental data.

Demonstrated effective management and leadership by mentoring a visiting scholar, and developing a biology course for Novartis employees



Led instruction for an intensive and interactive biology course to summer high school students at Brookline High School, complete with laboratory components 

Cancer Cell Biology, Senior Research Associate

Infinity Pharmaceuticals

Contributed both experimentally and intellectually to accelerate early drug discovery efforts and expand the pipeline of targeted cancer therapies

Employed cutting-edge cellular and biochemical techniques to elucidate complex biological problems, such as drug-acquired tumor resistance and ‘immune-oncology’ in solid and heme cancers

Published experimental data that interrogates aberrant cell signaling in a tumor microenvironment and the effects of small molecule inhibitors in clinical development

Adjunct Biology Faculty, Course Instructor and creator

Brandeis University

Pioneered and taught an innovative course for Brandeis students invited to join the Myra Kraft TYP program;  solely created all course lectures and composed materials including a cutting-edge biotechnology laboratory manual; privately mentored students from broad spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds to reach full academic potentials; trained students to master advanced biotechnology lab techniques; fostered awareness and appreciation of careers in STEM

Biology Instructor, Faculty 

Cambridge Center for Adult Education
Mar 2016Present

Spearheaded initiative to offer a range of biology courses to the general adult population at the esteemed CCAE in Harvard Square. Currently teaching and developing classes on Cell Biology, Molecular Biotechnology, and Cancer Biology

substitute biology/CHEMISTRY teacher 

somerville district schools

Massachusetts state-certified instructor for middle and high school level biology; SEI endorsement pending. 

Teaching Assistant, Life Sciences

Brandeis University

Supported Brandeis professors by leading private office hours for academic support. organizing weekly group-study sessions, devising recitation curricula, composing  exams, and grading materials. Courses include: Cell Structure & Function, Human Biology, Genetics, Honors General Chemistry, and  Chemistry Lab I & II.

Biotechnonlogy Instructor, MIT Junction

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Created a highly advanced and unique ten-week course at MIT, Molecular Biotechnology and Cell Function, for  gifted high school graduates; strong emphasis was placed on developing students' critical thinking skills for analyzing scientific data and solving experimental problems 

Founder, CEO, Education Technology Specialist 

EPIC Personalized Learning 

EPIC: Educators Promoting Intellectual Curiosity

Established a start-up tutoring service that caters to students of all ages and academic backgrounds. Specialize in Cell and Molecular Biology, MCAT Biology, Human Physiology, Honors Chemistry, Developmental Neuroscience, Genetics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology Laboratory, Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Evolution, etc. 


Biology Instructor, 8-12

Massachusetts Department of Education

Preliminary Certification for Middle and High School Biology 

MTEL Comm/Lit and Biology Exams Passed in 2015





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