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Work experience

May 2018Present

Data Engineer

Standard Chartered Bank

Information Technology and Operations - Chief Data Office (ITO - CDO), IM Technology, EDMp Platform and Tools.
• Building and maintenance of Spark-based Data Quality Management Framework.

Dec 2017April 2018

Scala Developer

DBS Bank

DBS Bank is a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Singapore.
• Department of Core Systems Technology, Technology & Operations (CST, T&O)
• Tasked to take over vendor's Scala / Spark / Hbase based product ETL backend as a part of MAS Notice 639 (Basel II) compliance requirement.
• Advised vendor and relevant parties within CST on existing code smell and Functional Programming motivations leading to Scala best practices.

Jan 2017Jun 2017

Postgraduate Intern (Software Engineer)

Nanolive SA (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Nanolive is a  EPFL startup that develops microscopes that are able to image cells in 3D without the need of chemical staining.
• Internship as part of the NUS Overseas College (Lausanne) programme.
• Backend and cloud infrastructure development.
• Dockerisation of build and test steps for continuous integration (CI).
• Setup MongoDB schema migration on backend.
• Integrated backend and frontend to error reporting and log monitoring services.
• Explored Kubernetes (K8s) as an option of migration from AWS to Azure for the Startup Bizspark Plus programme.
• Explored K8s Cluster Federation as an option for multi-region deployment on Azure.
• Ported React.js frontend into Qt Webengine for integration into Qt-based desktop app.
• Rewired backend dependency injection (DI) with Guice.
• Setup Artifactory repository for in-house caching of dependencies and publishing of snapshots. 
• Merged PR to backport fixes to Play Framework 2.5.x.
Technologies used include:
• Docker
• K8s
• AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
• Scala(Play)
• React.js
• Node.js/NPM for Webpack
• Qt(C++)
• MongoDB
• Guice for DI
• Github(Git) for version control
• Teamcity for CI
• Youtrack for issue tracking
• ELK and for logging and error reporting

Nov 2014Sep 2015

Fullstack / Backend Developer

Haystakt - GroupHunt - Heardable - Watchfy

Haystakt is a crowd-pricing platform and a marketplace for original, creative products. GroupHunt, a Haystakt pivot, is a platform for community-driven group buying for enthusiast. Heardable helps users gather detailed data on their digital marketing footprint for analysis and reporting. Watcfy is a social intelligence platform for influencer marketing.
• PostgreSQL schema migration; experimented with PL/v8 procedures.
• Development of internal tools with NW.js.
• Database migration from legacy MySQL to MongoDB.
• Developed a Node.js service that communicates via Meteor's Distributed Data Protocol (DDP) update Meteor's frontend and backend database reactively with new data.
Technologies used include:
• Node.js (Express, Koa)
• Meteor.js, DDP
• PostgreSQL
• MongoDB
• Heroku
• NW.js
• Bootstrap/Spacebar
• Github/Bitbucket for version control
• Basecamp/Trello for issue tracking


R&D Engineer

GDC Technology Limited

GDC Technology is a global digital cinema solutions provider with the largest installed base of digital cinema servers in the Asia-Pacific region.
• Development and maintenance of GDC Theatre Management System software.
Technologies used include:
• Qt(C++)
• TortoiseSVN for version control