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    One of my ability is to communicate and coordinate with people and this begins from my association experience at University.

    I was a head of volunteer group at counselling center in college when I was sophomore. My responsibility was to coordinate the opinions between my group members and supervisor. One time a therapist had to hold a meeting of aroma therapy, but many of my group members wanted to have music therapy. The therapist disagreed this opinion because he had to spend much time to prepare. I discussed with him about the purpose of this meeting which was to heal or calm people's mind through this therapy, so the importance of meeting was about people not the format. So I said to the therapist that If this purpose for you was as same as me, maybe you are willing to change your mind. Finally, he hold the meeting of music therapy.

    During my job, I had a chance to join a three level course which I called"self-discovery". There are many things I learned, but the center of this course is coaching and enrolling. One example of enrolling, we had to hold a community service at nursing home without spending money during 18 hours. My job was to connect those facilities and hopefully one of them was willing to let us hold this activity because we acquire this task at the first day noon. The time was too short for those facilities to prepare their resources. I almost had 50 failure calls, but during those failure calls I learned the enrolling essence which is to touch people about what I do and convince them that the connection between you and the community service exist. Next day, we had a great community service and got a coverage at United Daily News.

    My ability of communication and coordination is enhanced  by the course. Right now I understand that I can't persuade people, I enroll people. That means I at work am not anyone's enemy, instead I solve problems with my colleague as a team.                         

Work experience

Dec 2011Jul 2015

Project assisstant

National Academy of Education Research

Analyze the different learning achievement between immigrant and non-immigrant children.

Use statistical methods to prove the hypothesis and Invent questionnaire to survey.

Face to face access with 8 immigrant family.

Hold seminaries of result consultation with 20 college professors and dean.

Accomplish final report and publish to academic institution.   


Aug 2009Jun 2011

Master of Education Psychology

University of Southern California

Selected course

Education Psychology, human Motivation, Personality Development, Media and Education, Seminar, Learning and Individual Differences



Chinese Mandarin(native)



Microsoft Office

word, excel, outlook, powerpoint.

Statistical software