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Hany Fame

Principal Automation and Software Engineer, MSEE


Highly Experienced Software and Automation Engineer with M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering


  • Over 12 years experience in systems engineering and automation, software development with C/C++ and Python, RF broadband networks and infrastructure, digital broadband delivery systems and IPTV
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.
  • Expertise in automation and software development using various languages, API integration and database systems.
  • Strong experience in cable and IP network technologies, Digital TV, Content Delivery Networks, and complex system design and integration.
  • Understanding of embedded systems configuration, circuit design, and embedded software microcontroller development using various sensors and open source libraries.
  • Strong experience in CPE devices and DOCSIS setup and configuration.
  • Pursuing Machine Learning Development Program at Comcast Machine Learning Academy


  • Design, architect, and build automation logic
  • Shell(bash/ksh) and database scripting.
  • Automation software development using Python/Shell and MySQL/MariaDB
  • C/C++ programming in GNU/Linux and DBUS.
  • Embedded C/C++ Microcontroller Software Development
  • Complex Large Scale System Integration, Design and Troubleshooting.
  • Unix/Linux Administration and Advanced Troubleshooting.
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing (VMware and OpenStack).
  • Digital Broadband Delivery Systems, Broadband Networks and Digital Video Infrastructure.


Bluetooth Audio Remote ControlBluetooth API (BlueZ) integration with RDK/Xi5 to deliver core functionality for Bluetooth Remote Control experience, objective is to provide customer with ability to access and enjoy their music/audio library from their Bluetooth/mobile devices on top of X1 UI without moving away from the TV experience.
Project development under Linux using embedded C with DBUS and GCC.

Master's Thesis: New Design for Microcontroller Bluetooth Communication for Wireless Signal Analysis: Developed a prototype with ATMEL Microcontroller for a portable mini signal analysis device which interfaces with Android devices using Bluetooth, the device can be switched to be an Oscilloscope or a Spectrum Analyzer.

NetCrypt Deployment Solution in Comcast: Design lead and architect of the NetCrypt deployment solution in Cisco environment across all Comcast. NetCrypt is a content delivery bulk encryptor. 

Cisco RF Gateway Edge QAM Configuration and Test: Architect new design, configuration and testing of the next generation edge device for content delivery in Cisco digital video system infrastructure

MSEE Research:QAM Bandwidth Allocation Algorithms: Research about reliability of different QAM bandwidth allocation algorithms for video on demand. 

Work experience

May 2018Present

Principal Engineer, Automation and Software Development

  • Lead Automation Engineer working on cutting edge E2E automation solutions for lab as service and next generation infrastructure, providing automated on demand testing environments anywhere, anytime.
  • Leading automation development using CloudShell orchestration, python, shell, CLI and various APIs and tools integration to design and build workflows for complete network automation, servers and VMs provisioning, and automated application configuration
  • Automation development includes designing, architecting automation workflows, creating automated applications using Python, JavaScript and ServiceNow with integration to multiple external tools and applications with various APIs
  • Projects include:
    • Designing fully automated network and IP configuration applications
    • CPE provisioning and billing automation
    • Creation and using of REST API
Oct 2016May 2018

Senior Engineer, Next Generation Labs and Automation

  • Lead member of lab automation team that is responsible for finding automation solutions for projects, systems integration, platform testing, and deploying services, servers and systems to support QA across all Comcast labs and data centers.
  • Lead Engineer for Quali/CloudShell integration, configuration, scripted automation and setup, this includes developing automation scripts and using various APIs to automate network configurations for routers and switches, VM setups, as well building base blueprints for automation of sandboxes to support Lab as a Service initiative across TES.
  • Architect and design automation logic and lead development of different types of network automation and device setup. 
  • Develop tools using Python and shell scripting with various database systems such as MySQL, Maria DB and MS SQL and integration of other APIs to assist in device search, metrics automation, reporting, and resolving time consuming tasks.
  • Use various software development tools and languages such as Python, Bash/Shell/Apache CGI and REST API.
Sep 2013Oct 2016

Senior Engineer, Video Systems Infrastructure and Network Engineering

  • Lead Engineer in designing and maintaining digital headends infrastructure of Comcast Technology and Product QA labs.
  • Developed different automated web tools using bash, Apache, and Informix DB to create different user UIs assisting in CPE provisioning and data queries which were used across Comcast Labs in PA.
  • Expert in writing shell system scripts to automate information queries and troubleshoot complex system issues.
  • Lead Engineer in setting up and configuring the first VMware and vCenter infrastructure across T&P LabOps.
  • Lead Engineer in deploying and upgrading new digital network control systems, system integration with different environments including VOD solutions, X1 set-tops in DOCSIS environment, legacy set-tops, and ETV systems.
  • Configure and integrate switched digital video and VOD infrastructure with different delivery solutions such as Arris, Cisco and Harmonic.
  • Lead Engineer in next generation video and OnDemand RF video transmission edge devices.
  • Lead Engineer and subject matter expert of the NetCrypt deployment solution across all Comcast.
Jul 2010Aug 2013

Engineer III, Core Video Infrastructure

  • Plan, design and maintain digital headends infrastructure of Comcast National Engineering and Technical Operations QA labs.
  • Deploy new digital network control systems, system integration with different environments including VOD solutions, tru2way set-tops in DOCSIS environment, DAVIC legacy set-tops, and ETV systems.
  • Configure and integrate switched digital video and VOD infrastructure with different delivery solutions such as Cisco, Harmonic and Arris edge devices.
  • Design Lead and subject matter expert of the NetCrypt deployment solution across all Comcast.
  • Develop shell and database system scripts to automate information queries and troubleshoot complex system issues
  • Work with other engineering team members, to plan, configure and deploy new devices, resolve complex infrastructure, network and headend issues to ensure stable environment for the test and QA engineers.
  • Mastered tracking, debugging and resolving numerous digital headend issues in a continuously changing infrastructure.
Jan 2008Jul 2010

Digital Video Systems Engineer

Time Warner Cable
  • Maintained, monitored and administered Digital Broadband Delivery System for Time Warner Cable of NYC.
  • Expertise in maintaining different DBDS servers and equipment including Cisco DNCS, QAMs, QPSKs, Application and VOD servers under Unix/Linux Environment.
  • Used different diagnostics, networking tools and shell scripting to troubleshoot and monitor over 100 servers to detect and resolve any system fault
  • Worked with different vendors such as Cisco, Sun, Pioneer, Tandberg, Samsung, IBM and Arris to resolve customer impacting outages and configure new devices and servers.
  • Configured and planed different headend devices and servers under Unix/Linux environment.
  • Developed new shell system scripts to automate information queries and troubleshoot complex system issues.
  • Participated in deploying new OCAP and MDN digital software navigators on Scientific Atlanta and Samsung set-top boxes.
  • Participated in splitting Manhattan and Brooklyn/Queens cable systems into 4 separate DBDS systems.
  • Troubleshoot multi user VoIP customer impacting issues using Agilent, network monitoring tools and CSG billing system.
Oct 2005Jan 2008

Level 2 Broadband Advanced Services Specialist

Time Warner Cable
  • Used various network diagnostic tools to detect system and network outages, such as DOCSIS monitoring program, and netcool systems.
  • Configured and provisioned various cable modems with routers and various network systems
  • Monitored end to end VOIP and CMTS networks.
  • Used VoIP provisioning systems to detect, provision business and residential VoIP equipment and trace SIP traffic to assist in resolving multiple user system issues.
Jul 2004Jan 2005

Electronics Engineer

AlexTech Computer
  • Repaired, implemented, upgraded, and trouble shot PC components.
  • Installed, upgraded, and configured various operating systems and applications.
  • Setup and configured HW/SW's LANs, Print Servers connections and end users accounts.
Oct 2003Jun 2004

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Embedded Systems Engineer, Internship Project

Faculty of Engineering
  • Fully designed a simple robot (hardware/software components and integration) controlled by a computer (microprocessor) through interfacing it to a parallel port.
  • Designed its software using Visual Basic 6, C++, AT8051 Application tools and implemented them to perform the complete operation.
  • Programmed the microcontroller (AT8051) using assembly language and designed the controlling hardware (Embedded system design).
  • Acquired great skills and knowledge on how to remotely controlling a system or machine by interfacing it to a computer and designing software to do the overall operation


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