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Nov 2013Present

PHD in Chemical Engineering 

National Engineering School of Gabes

My work is about  simulation and optimization of desalination process, specially MSF ( Multi Stage Flash), in order to obtain a freshwater.

Sep 2009Jun 2012

Engineering chemistry process degree

National Engineering School of Gabes

The related courses are:

Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Unit Operations ( distillation,crystallization, absorption..) , Chemical Thermodynamics, management, marketing, control and quality, spectrophotometry

Balances Equations, chemical reactors, calculus, Engineering Statistics, Chemistry (organic,inorganic, analytic), Design Courses, Water Treatment, Environment...

Sep 2007Jun 2009

Gabes Engineering Preparatory Institute

The preparatory institutes select students for admission based on national ranking in competitive

written exams. They prepare for the engineering schools and teach: mathematics, physics,

chemistry and technology.

Jun 2007

Bachelor of maths

Gabes's high school

Work experience

Jun 2012



Diploma work " Hydrogen production via beef tallow reforming : thermodynamic investigation"technologies for the production of hydrogen from liquid and gaseous fuels are based on one of the following processes:* Steam reforming SR*Partial oxidation POX*Autothermal reforming ATR

Thermodynamic equilibrium analysis of any form of reforming of tallow was not attempted in the past because of its complex chemical composition and unavailability of thermo-physical properties. the present work was therefore undertaken to explore the thermodynamic understanding of SR and ATR of beef tallow . these reactions are simulated via ASPEN PLUS software and investigated to identify the best operating conditions to optimize the hydrogen production in the synthesis gas. 

Aug 2011


Tunisian Liquid Petroleum Gas ( LPG)

Engineering Internship:

This course lasted a month in the LPG ( Liquid Petroleum Gas)

The subject i dealt with was; 'design of exchangeurs'

Jul 2010


Tunisian Chemical Group ( TCG)

Student worker internship:

This course lasted a month.

I worked as an operator ; i was doing the  description and quality control of  the input and out put of the factory production of nitric acid.


reading,travel, sport , reading about self-development


Mar 2013

Strategic Planning

Canadian Centre for Human Development in Tunisia
Jul 2012

The second best project at the University of Gabes in 2012

the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Oct 2011Oct 2011

Driver's license

Republic of Tunisia
Aug 2011

First Aid Certificate

Red Crescent


integrate your humble laboratory  as an internee to advance in my studies.


customer service
social activities
* member of the association "academic support" this association is working on the improvement of trade between the different components of the university: students, teachers and administrators. she tries to involve them to improve university life. 
  Word and Excel (office), Matlab, Aspen plus, PowerPoint, Origin Pro8.5 and Autocad  
written and spoken
written and spoken