Hannah Windham

Work History

Work History
Jul 2011 - Present


Tullos Law Firm

I work at an attorney's office and enjoy doing office work. I spend my days answering the phone and taking messages, typing dictations, filing papers, and anything else I can do to asist. There is always something new to learn and there is rarely a dull moment.


My objective for my life is to study culinary arts and become a caterer and be able to bake. Me and my cousin are looking into starting our own business. These are my life plans, but they could change at any minute.


My name is Hannah Windham, I am a freshman at Jones County Junior College. I graduated with honors, from Sylva-Bay Academy in 2011. I live in Bay Springs, Mississippi. I work part-time at a lawyer's office in Bay Springs. I enjoy the paralegal work, but as of now I am studying to become a dental assistant. Pre-dental is my major now,but next semester I am planning to change to culinary arts. My family owns cattle and poultry houses so when I'm not tied up with school or work I am helping on the farm. 


I am interested in animals, and helping people.


Aug 2011 - Present


Jones county junior college




I have taken typing classes.


I have taken baking classes in Jackson.