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Awards and Recognitions

Winner of the Clarkson Award- “Student in top 15% of class with outstanding leadership skills”

Nominated for Business First 2012 Academic Team

Selected as an Independent Health Community All-Star

Sample of Work

Old Spice Man: Implying Male Stereotypes in a Body Wash Ad

            “…So ladies…Does your man smell like an Old Spice Man?”  This question becomes the key feature of one of many of the Old Spice Body Wash commercials that are becoming increasingly recognizable in American society. Although there are many variations, these advertisements typically feature a physically fit man who uses his powerful, booming voice to detail the fantastical possibilities that could happen if a woman’s significant other used Old Spice Body Wash. Though the product is specifically designed for men’s use, Old Spice addresses the commercials towards women. These commercials suggest what a woman’s description of her perfect man would entail; thus, suggesting to men that if they buy the product, then they will be more successful with women. Although there is only one character in the entire commercial, there are various stereotypes about ideal men that are portrayed throughout the advertisement. The way in which the commercial depicts men gives women false hope that this stereotypical dream man exists, when in reality there is no such thing.

            Focusing specifically on the Old Spice “Questions” commercial, the scene starts off with an African American male standing on a beach holding the Old Spice product. His muscular upper body is completely exposed and his lower body is covered only by a towel. Before he even says anything, the man has reinforced the stereotype that men should be strong and athletic in build. The man is portrayed as a sexual object. It is becoming increasingly popular for males to be viewed sexually in advertisements; however, traditionally women are the ones who are depicted in this light. When the man does open his mouth to speak, he has a deep, powerful voice resembling that of Morgan Freeman, which helps to create the stereotypical image of the successful black man. The stereotype of the typical African American man is combatted here because he seems clean-cut, educated, and does not demonstrate gangster-like qualities. He asks the audience, “How are you” and immediately responds with “fantastic.” His quick response reinforces the stereotype that males are poor listeners and do not care about what others, especially women, are saying to them. He then asks the female audience if their significant other looks like him, and again quickly responds with “no,” which supports another stereotype, this time that males are cocky and think very highly of themselves.

            However, the scene then quickly changes to a river surrounded by mountains, and our man is now running on a rolling log. This image reinforces the stereotype that males are athletic and adventurous, as he seems to be accomplishing this extremely difficult feat with great ease. His outfit changes as well; instead of being shirtless with just a towel, he is now shirtless with just a pair of shorts. The man then asks the audience if they “want a man who smells like he can bake [them] a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen he built [them] with his own hands.” As this line is being said, a cake appears with the words “you’re beautiful” written on it in icing, which conveys the idea that stereotypical women like men who surprise them and compliment them frequently. This section of the advertisement also depicts the stereotype that men should be good with power tools and helpful when it comes to doing home improvement projects. The way in which the advertisement uses a dream kitchen to help sell the product stereotypes the traditional idea that women belong in the kitchen and are homemakers. In reality the number of women in the workplace is rapidly increasing and it is becoming very common for men to be the ones in charge of keeping the home.

            The scene then changes one last time, and our leading man “swan dives” off of a waterfall, another very adventurous endeavor. He floats through the air as if he has the super-human ability to fly, which once again highlights the strength and bravery of the stereotypical man. He lands gracefully into what looks like a handmade wooden Jacuzzi, but after being there for only a few seconds, the wooden framework disappears, the water overflows, and the man is left straddling a fancy red motorcycle, wearing blue jeans and cowboys boots, and is once again shirtless. The motorcycle depicts another stereotypical hobby of a man, as it is dangerous and is thrilling. At the conclusion of the advertisement, our man is left posing, holding the Old Spice Body Wash, once again being portrayed sexually as he just stares into the camera with his hand on his hip.

The Old Spice “Questions” advertisement clearly reveals many stereotypes about men. The company focuses the commercial on how their product helps men attract women, and they base this off of the stereotype that a man’s main goal in life is to impress women. They try to create a character whose actions and appearance resemble that of the “ideal” man, which is a stereotype within itself because in reality every woman’s dream man is different from the next. Though this commercials main purpose is to sell Old Spice men’s body wash, it clears reveals and reinforces a plethora of stereotypes about the ideal man, which leaves women everywhere hoping that they will someday find a man who is the epitome of perfection.

Community Service

Organized the Wash Away Breast Cancer Car Wash in 2010 to benefit the Breast Cancer Network of Western New York

Volunteered at the AMP program at Amherst Middle School helping students with homework

Created a mentoring program at Amherst Middle School for students with broken homes


Dina Sarno Slawson- Employer and Director of Academy of Theatre Arts- (716)-810-0551

Fenny Li- Employer at Kyoto Restaurant- (716)-836-6688

Long Term Goals

Build a resume that allows me to be accepted into the Coordinated Program

Graduate the University of Alabama in 4 years as a practicing dietician

Short Term Goals

Make a 4.0 GPA my first semester of Freshman year

Create relationships with the professors in the Food and Nutrition department

Work Philosophy

My work philosophy is to work well with others, be respectful of others ideas and opinions, be a good leader and put forth my best effort at all times.


Sep 2012Present

University of Alabama

Honors student at the University of Alabama. Studying Food and Nutrition, potentially on the Pre-Pharmacy track.

Sep 2008Jun 2012

Graduate with Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors

Amherst Central High School

Graduate of Amherst Central High School with an Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors. Graduated with a 3.97 GPA and was ranked 19th out of 219 students.

Work experience

Feb 2012Present


Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

Interacted with customers as both a server and a hostess. Answered phones and kept reservations organized. Handled money accurately.

Sep 2010Aug 2012

Voice, Acting, and Dance Instructor

Academy of Theatre Arts

Taught theatre to young children. Interacted with both children and their parents. Worked both front of house in administrative duties and behind the scenes in stage managing duties.