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Lesson Plans

Educational Philosophy

"Not every child has an equal talent or an equal ability or equal motivation, but they should have the equal right to develop their talent and their ability and their motivation, to make something of themselves."

John F. Kennedy

Philosophy Components:

1. Differentiated Instruction -- One of the main focuses a teacher should have when presenting a lesson is to determine how to present that lesson in multiple ways. This will allow more students to grasp the material, depending on which way they learn best. The teacher should refer to Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory when developing lessons so that he/she may incorporate as many of these learning styles as possible.

2. Classroom Environment -- It is the teacher's job to provide a safe and friendly environment for all students. Therefore, the teacher must have control of the classroom at all times and have strong Classroom Management skills. If these are in place, students are able to engage in different types of activities such as group work, in class activities, games, etc.

3. Classroom Management -- I feel classroom management revolves around three separate ideas: confidence, consistency, and organization. If a teacher portrays strength and confidence from the first day of classes until the end of the year, the students are more likely to see their teacher as a professional figure. To continue gaining the student's respect, the teacher must be consistent in enforcing the rules and other areas of concern such as grading. If a teacher has those two components, they are more likely to earn the respect of their students, causing them to be less likely to act up in class. In addition, an organized teacher forces the students into an extremely structured classroom, allowing for the teacher to minimalize the amount of disciplinary problems within the classroom.

4. Professionalism -- A teacher must present herself as a professional each and every day . This means the teacher must dress appropriately for all school days and each school function she attends. In addition, the teacher must address all individuals, such as students, parents, and administrators, as a professional.

5. Professional Responsibilities -- A teacher must be available for the students for multiple times throughout the day. Therefore, I believe that the work day should not end when the last bell rings. Instead, the teacher should be available both before and after school in order to provide additional time for the students to come receive extra help. In addition, the teacher must engage in parent communication throughout the year, department responsibilities, and school extracurricular activities that allowing for involvement within the school community.


Technology Use
I have prior experience with items such as Promethean and SMART Boards. In addition, I have knowledge of many different programs such as Microsoft Word, GoogleDocs, PowerPoint, Vue, GeoGebra, MathType, Geoboards, and many more.

Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Substitute Teacher

The Albany Academies
Mar 2012May 2012

7th Grade Mathematics Student Teacher

Pine Grove Middle School
Jan 2012Mar 2012

AB Calculus and Pre-Calculus Student Teacher

Baldwinsville High School


Aug 2012Present

M.S. Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology

University of Albany
Aug 2008May 2012

B.A. Mathematics

Le Moyne College



Sep 2012Present

Adolescent Mathematics (Initial)

New York State Department of Education