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I am currently enrolled at Boise State University working towards a bachelors degree in elementary education with the goal to graduate in the year 2017-2018

Work experience

May 2013Present


Goodwood BBQ 

In this job I acquired many necessary skills. As a server your are expected to have exceptional skills in communicating with guests as well as working as a team with a wide variety of people. I excelled as an employee who was able to influence a positive atmosphere, relieve stressful and complicated situations, and as someone who could be trusted and relied upon.

Jun 2014Jul 2015

Lead Teacher

Trinity Treasures Preschool

In my day to day schedule, my duties ranged from feeding, changing, and keeping the children safe to organzing activies in regards to art, reading, and excercies. I planned manipulative things for the children to work on as well as learning their basics in colors, numbers, and letters. My reason for leaving this job was do to returning to school and scheduling conflicts. 


Jan 2015Present

Elementary Education Bachelors Degree

Boise State University

I enrolled at BSU, the spring term of 2015. I am currently gaining experience and knowledge in working with children and they many different ways to communicate and pass information in efficient ways.

Aug 2009May 2013

Associate of Arts Transfer Degree

Treasure Valley Community College

I had a goal of completing my associates degree in two years and continuing directly into a four year college to complete a bachelors degree. Life has strange ways of changing your plans. With experiencing challenges and uncertainty I decided to take a break through this process with eventually completing my associates degree.


Computer skills

With taking many online classes and just the general college level courses I became familiar with computer software as well as many online websites and databases. I learned to excel and execute in a professional and timely manner.

Related coursework 

Throughout my schooling I took classes which I felt would benefit my future in more than one way. With online classes I learned to better myself with technology and my ability to search, think critically, and to better organize my schedule and life. I took many art classes and learned ways to be creative and to apply that into education. As well as my critical and creative skills I acquired even more in ways of communicating, working in teams, and problem solving.