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Hannah graham

Send me to the wolves and ill return leading the pack. 

Work History


Lawyer University

I graduated from high school in 2021. The I went off to college and study for my under graduate law school diploma. The I started going to different court cases to learn the way lawyers defend their clients.  Then i went back to school and got my certificate in law school. The I started working for a company in defending people. 


Undergraduate degree/ J.D. degree

Lawyers University

I spent my first years learning the basics and skills I need to be a lawyer.  Then I started to go in the harder and more advanced things. Then I started to go to many different court cases and learned the proper way of defending my clients. Then I started doing my own cases and started doing many cases a week and served justice to many people. 

Personal Info

  • Dancer
  • Mom of four
  • Lawyer
  • English teacher
  • Wife
  • Cook