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Passionate servant-leader looking to contribute to the health community through the opportunity to enroll in a medical school. Recognized by others for love of community work, problem solving, and communication skills.


Work and Leadership History

May 2015Aug 2016

Emergency Department Research Intern

IU Health Methodist Hospital Research Institute

I recently finished working with a research study at IU Health Methodist Hospital. The research was a Chest Pain Choice trial, in which patient care and effectiveness is measured through participants visiting IU Health's Emergency Department on a voluntary basis. My job was to work with patients to gather information about their personally experienced patient care. We are now working on the development for future research studies. 

Mar 2013May 2016

Butler University Dance Marathon Executive Member

Butler University Dance Marathon

I was a Co-Vice President of Operations for both my sophomore year (BUDM 2014) and my junior year (BUDM 2015) and will be serving as the President of Finance, one of three presidents, for the upcoming BUDM 2016. With Operations, our team worked on decorations for all events hosted, managed floor plans, corresponded with other committees, and worked with logistics. As the current President of Finance, I am the contact for four committees that handle donations and fundraising and collaborate with community partners to benefit Riley Hospital for Children.

Feb 2015May 2016

Research Student

Butler University

Currently working on a project involving examining arsenic concentrations in human hair samples using ICP-MS. The goal of the study is to discover the amount of arsenic present in varying water samples of Indianapolis, such as drinking water and water used for cleaning purposes, by detecting concentrations of arsenic in human hair. From the results of this study, actions can be made to reduce arsenic concentrations in water samples of Indianapolis.

Aug 2012Apr 2016

Ambassadors of Change Leadership Experience

Ambassadors of Change at Butler University

The Ambassadors of Change (AOC) pre-welcome week program is a week of service for incoming freshmen, in which time is spent learning about social issues in the Indianapolis community and then having the opportunity to participate in service projects corresponding to the learned social issues. I participated as one of 66 incoming students in 2012, then applied and became a Team Builder for the following years. As a Team Builder, I guided the incoming students and served as a role model for their initial college immersion. In my last year of AOC, I am a Co-Coordinator, meaning I have the responsibility to co-plan and organize the entire AOC week of events and service for the incoming students.

Sep 2014Dec 2014

Special Projects Intern

Riley Children's Foundation

I worked with the Special Projects Coordinator at the Riley Children's Foundation to work on collecting donations for Riley Hospital for Children. Throughout my time there, I helped with planning and attending fundraising events for Riley Hospital for Children, communicated with Riley Hospital donors on a daily basis, and also reinvented and improved the Dance Marathon Guidebook for each high school and university in Indiana to use. 

Sep 2014Dec 2014

Volunteer Teaching Assistant

Indiana Life Sciences Academy

I had the opportunity to serve the Indianapolis community with 22 hours of community service using skills in English-Spanish translation and communication. I worked with a classroom at Indiana Life Sciences Academy (ILSA) that needed assistance in teaching students math and English skills. I worked to meet with each student individually and discover what each student needed to help them succeed.

May 2014Jul 2014

Volunteer Medical Assistant

Bolingbrook Christian Health Center

This health center serves a low-income population in Bolingbrook, Illinois. I had the opportunity to volunteer as a medical assistant. I escorted patients to their respective rooms, discussing what their concerns were, taking their vitals, and then sitting in on the appointment when a volunteer doctor or nurse practitioner would come in and speak to the patient. For this position, I learned how to take vitals, fill out paperwork, file paperwork, and communicate with patients by speaking Spanish. 

Mar 2013May 2014

Volunteer Project Coordinator

Volunteer Center-Butler University

I planned and executed 21 volunteer projects for over 300 students totaling above 900 hours of community work. I served as the main correspondence with 19 various community organizations in the Indianapolis area and established a reflection protocol following each project for the Volunteer Center. Within my time, I also participated in the planning of the Oxfam Hunger Banquet for 100 participants and personally created a large-scale project in April 2014 with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, in which over 60 students cleaned up 18 alleys surrounding low-income housing in the Indianapolis area.


Aug 2012May 2016

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Butler University

Currently pursuing a degree with a major in the Chemistry honors track and a minor in Biology. 

Nonacademic Interests

Geocaching and Hiking

Geocaching has been a huge interest of mine since the beginning of high school. I enjoy being outdoors and geocaching gives me that opportunity while also creating a fun adventure. Hiking is involved in each geocaching adventure.

Hair Cutting

One of my hidden talents involves cutting men's hair. I've created a customer base on campus of students that need monthly hair cuts. This has turned out to be even more beneficial for me because my research project centers on arsenic concentration in human hair, and I am able to use these hair samples for my research. 

Physical Health and Fitness

I believe that physical health and well-being is an important part of maintaining low stress levels and cognitive processing. Because of this, I exercise frequently and make healthy choices for my body each day. 


From the age of seven, I have been able to play the piano. Besides exercise and other activities, playing the piano helps me to de-stress. I also have a wide variety of music tastes and a high interest in music, so having the ability to play music for myself is something I enjoy.


Reading will always be one of my biggest passions. I love reading mystery and fiction novels, but will pick up almost anything if I have the chance. I do consider myself to be an extroverted introvert, so reading helps me to recharge my introverted side when need be.