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SAP Public Sector Project Manager

Phoenix Consulltanting

Hanif is an experienced SAP Public Sector Project Manager and Integration Architect with over 20 years of SAP experience and over 20 Client Implementations starting with R/2. He has worked with every SAP module from R/3 1.0 to ERP 6.0 and worked on half a dozen County projects. Hanif has worked as the Project Manager for multiple large Public Sector SAP projects with over 100 project team members and consultants reporting to him.


Jan 1988

Specialist in Commerce and Economics

University of Toronto

About Hanif Sarangi

Hanif Sarangi is a highly experienced SAP project manager and Integration Architect. Hanif was a Certified SAP Instructor for SAP America for many years.

With over 22 years of SAP experience, Hanif possesses a high degree of technical knowledge in SAP functionality and implementation. As a Certified Public Sector Integrator, he is exceedingly knowledgeable about best business practices in Public Sector and Industry Solution-Utilities. Some completed Public Sector implementation projects personally managed by Hanif include Los Angeles Unified School District, City of Toledo, Houston Independent School District, City of San Antonio, Unicor US Federal Prison Systems, Los Angeles Community College School District, and Durham County, just to name a few.

Hanif has also managed large scale SAP implementations at Manufacturing organizations (Siemens AG), Pharmaceuticals (Berlex Pharmaceuticals, Syncor Pharmaceuticals), Banking (First National Bank of Chicago), Utilities, Retail and other industries.

In addition to working on implementations, Mr. Sarangi is also recognized as an expert witness by the US Court System and as a Platinum Level SAP consultant qualified to perform project and system reviews for clients.

Hanif holds a specialist degree from the University of Toronto in Commerce and Economics with a Chartered Accountant and Certified Management Consultant designation.