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  Hello ! My name is Hanh and I am a 20 years-old girl who looking for a chance to learn and improve my talents; when I start working I want to finish in a perfection; that is the reason why I always put 100% in all that I do. I believe that being with 40% hard-working plus 40% good attitude and 20% observation skills will helps my work on the right track.

About me

Over past 3 years in university, I had the chance to show myself as an active, enthusiastic and resposible student who joined in many extracurricular activities at school.
Moreover, I experienced myself in a lot of difference part-time jobs including translator, marketing collaborator, sales, waitress, ect.
Asides from my life as a dynamic student, I am also a trying hard gymer, a cooking enthusiast and a crazy friend.

Career objective


Work experience