• Hard worker, perfectionist and having a high curiosity in many things.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good academic and non-academic achievements.

     Having a good academic report, awards, and experiences in training.

  • Good Leadership and Teamwork.

     Having experiences in organizational experiences and initiate event.

  • Highly Motivated Person.

     Having iron will to the best in every single work involved.

Work experience

Work experience

Internal Audit Executive

Nov 2011 - Present
PT. Nutrifood Indonesia

To evaluate the process and results of audits, and perform follow-up on audit results to make improvements in process and personnel :

  • Responsible for working with objects department audit, the audit observations in accordance with the schedule of available audit.
  • Finding and detecting weaknesses in terms of controls on business activity (both process and personnel) and analyze for that.
  • Propose improvements/ corrective and recommendations/ preventative that can be done by the client during the audit period and the scheduled and monitor the implementation of process improvement/ business department personnel conducted.
  • Help audit managers to evaluate the audit process so as to create a pattern of continuous improvement of audit processes.
  • Keep all information obtained during the audit process in order not to be known by other parties who are not authorized.
  • Report all audit activities and results to internal associates and managers through audit reports, and monthly reports.



English Language

Bahasa Indonesia

ORACLE Application

Microsoft Office Software





Pelatihan Pajak Terapan dan e-SPT Brevet A & B - Grade A

Jul 2015 - Dec 2015
Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia (IAI)

- Pengantar Hukum Pajak, Ketentuan Umum, Tata Cara Perpajakan, dan Pemeriksaan Pajak

- Pajak Penghasilan Orang Pribadi

- Pajak Penghasilan Pasal 21, 22, 23, 26, 4 (2), dan 15

- Pajak Penghasilan Badan


- Bea Materai dan BPHTB

- Akuntansi Perpajakan

Seminar Kampus

Jan 2008 - Jan 2011
Maranatha Christian University

- Entrepreneurs To Empower The Economy

- Lifestyle In Marketing

- Spirit of a Young Entrepreneur

- Change Your Life, Change Your Attitute

- Successfully Manage Personal Finances

- Challenges and Development Operations Manager To Promote the Business World

- Success By Manipulated People

- etc..

Additional Information

Strong Point :

- Hard worker, responsible individual, teamwork, easy to adapt, intergrity, respect, excellence.

Weak Point :

- Moody

Hobby :

- Reading, writing, watching, browsing, culinary