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I am an experienced software Technical Writer with a successful track record working in high technology. I have managed multiple writing projects where my leadership has contributed to the success of the documentation architecture. I am innovative and able to solve management problems before they become crises. I am proficient at researching and developing documentation design, planning project goals, and assessing management requirements for more effective application design. I am known in the industry to be adept at translating complex technical information and communicating it in a lucid, concise, and accurate manner. I have an expert understanding of the software development process as well as the publication process and am able to meet both needs in a timely and organized manner. My experience at developing elements of the user interface and scenarios has proven to result in more effective end-user application design. Additionally, my skill at designing clear, task-oriented, topic-based, online help that meets audience needs has shown to dramatically reduce support calls. I am a bright, self-directed writer, who learns quickly and communicates clearly. I have been described as being a team player, easy to work with, and a charming personality that inspires others to work to their full potential.


- Technical Communications Specialist

- Senior Technical Writer

- Medical Writer

- Grant Writer

- Online Help System Designer

Work experience

2000Mar 2009

Lead Technical Writer V - GlassFish Application Server

Sun Microsystems

- Architected websites/wikis for Performance Monitor, SocialSite, and Update Center projects that lead to effective open-source community development in a central location. - Designed and developed task-based online help for the GlassFish Administration Console JBI module that aided in the adoption of the JBI open-source community. - Redesigned the structure of the online help system for GlassFish v2 creating task-help and reference-help modules resulting in clearer, concise help that met customer needs. - Defined and standardized on an intranet web structure for each project to establish unified content between sites leading to customer satisfaction with our websites. - Create team blog site that provided timely communication with GlassFish developer community.


Senior Technical Writer V - Netscape | iPlanet Alliance

Sun Microsystems
- Acted as documentation Manager to provide stable leadership during a challenging legal investigation. - Analyzed Thread Event Analyzer project discovered many bugs, usability problems, and design issues that led to the project being pulled from the release. - Designed, developed, and architected a consistent online help system for Application Server tools that provided a common look-and-feel for customers. - Researched SGML technologies and proposed a strategy for moving toward SGML documentation resulting in more efficient documentation deliveries. -Expanded team role by establishing ownership of online help and manpage delivery eliminating the intermediary step leading to faster document turnaround. - Coordinated and lead creation of Developer Connection website to interact with Application Server tools customers for more effective customer interaction.

Technical Writer IV - Microelectronics Engineering Division

Sun Microsystems
- Architected, designed, and developed intranet engineering project websites to maintain engineering team organization and knowledge base. - Defined and standardized intranet web structure for each project to maintain consistent organization so team members know where to locate information. - Established a development infrastructure to define a process for releasing/maintaining project sites enabling websites to remain current and eliminate stale data. - Authored weekly web-flashes to highlight new information available on the microelectronics site that was widely accessed recommended by the organization. - Managed the external web publication of all microelectronics chip documentation deliverables for timely weekly posting. - Performed web administration and access control management of microelectronics websites to reduce administration roadblocks.

Technical Writer III - Java Software Division

Sun Microsystems
- Created and lead JavaHelp Writers group to establish standards for online help development throughout Sun. - Established JavaHelp as the online help standard for all Sun products. - Designed and developed HelpKit, a graphically-based online authoring environment designed to supplement and enhance the use of JavaHelp. - Designed and created custom templates for WebWorks Publisher mappings to convert documents produced in FrameMaker to output into HTML format. - Authored a rebuttal article for STC InterCom on JavaHelp use and implementation. - Presented JavaHelp system to STC Region 8 Conference, Bay Area Publication Manager’s Forum, and STC International Conference.


Vipin Rajan

I have immensely enjoyed working with Hanan for the six years or so we worked together at Sun on the Java Application Server product documentation. Hanan is very well organized and is a great mentor and coach. Initially after joining Sun, I was lost in the maze of product changes, doc requirements, and aggressive deadlines. However, Hanan’s leadership in marshalling the doc effort and setting up priorities helped me (and the other writers) to plan and deliver on time. Hanan is also a good repository of technical knowledge and especially, tracking changes from one release to the next. Fixing bugs on older releases was so much easier with Hanan around as she knew instinctively which release the issue applied to and what the technical implications of the fix were. Without Hanan setting the priorities straight and identifying the ‘big rocks’ during our weekly meetings, moving from FrameMaker to XML, and releasing a set of 15-20 documents for each release wouldn’t have been as smooth as it has been. Hanan would be an asset to any organization where highly complex projects with distributed teams are in play. I wish Hanan the best in her future endeavors.

Sue Ann Spencer

“Hanan Lang and I worked together on GlassFish Enterprise Server projects. She is a superb writer who is skilled at designing information to meet user needs. She brought enthusiasm and focus to her work along with the ability to understand technical information quickly. Her leadership and organizational skills were a benefit to our projects.”

Shauna Picket-Gordon

“Hanan Lang is a well-qualified and accomplished technical writer and project manager. I hired her as a writer in the fall of 1996, worked directly with her on joint projects from 1996 to 1999, and had projects peripheral to hers after that.

- She's a good, solid writer.

- She has a bias for technology, and learns the details of her subject from the user's point of view.

- She is an excellent team player. She contributes thoughtful input at meetings and to product designers.

- She's pleasant to work with and has a good sense of humor.

- She's extremely conscientious.

- She organizes her time well, and turns in her work on time or early.

- She volunteers for tasks.

- She's enthusiastic about her subject matter.

- She seeks others' input and uses the services of editors with alacrity.

Hanan would be an asset to any organization.”

Bruce Overby

"During my two years as a manager at Sun, I felt fortunate to have Hanan Lang as a senior member of my group. She was consistent in her focus, integrity, professionalism, and creativity, and was always anxious to accept new challenges. I would recommend her for any position requiring a skilled, highly motivated technical communications professional.”

Paul Martin Davies

“Hanan has excellent writing skills, and combines enthusiasm and commitment with an easy-going and co-operative nature. She is extremely reliable and dilligently follows up on her commitments. She is also highly adept at managing several assignments simultaneously, and is always willing to help out at short notice.”



Masters of Divinity


Bachelor of Arts


CGI, Perl, JavaScript
I have used these scripting tools to create website forms, applications, and macros. I am adept at figuring out what needs to be done to get the job accomplished.
I am one of the founders of JavaHelp. I promoted JavaHelp in the Technical Publications industry. I am an expert in its use and can easily work with it to develop an online help system that is platform independent.
I have used DITA more recently in designing open-source sites, but have also used SGML to create multiple output from a single source.
Used these markup languages to create complex websites and wikis. I have extensive knowledge using these languages and can design a website by using NetBeans to verify my code.
Used in creating a help system for a volunteer project.
Extensive use several years ago. Can pick up again quickly.
Arbortext Epic Editor
Expert use of SolBook and DocBook template tags. Able to solve linking errors quickly. Meticulous in following template guidelines and editorial styleguides.
Designed framemaker corporate documentation templates, developed strategy for conversion from Framemaker + SGML, develop single-sourcing processes to generate online help from Framemaker source.