20 years in the infrastructure-support arena--seeking a new opportunity with a company needing the in-depth expertise I have to offer 

Work History

Work History
Nov 1988 - Nov 2008

Technical Services Manager


In my time with AIMCO, I shepherded the company from an IBM System 36 with half a dozen dumb terminals to where they are today: a nation-spanning WAN connecting hundreds of offices and properties, hundreds of servers, thousands of MS Exchange users, and an IT group which numbers close to 100.

Over my career with the company, I was able to demonstrate my ability to get things done on my own, as well as my talents in working well as part of a large team.

The shop is Microsoft-centric, using mainly Windows servers, MS Exchange, and Active Directory to manage network user rights.

The team I led was together for more than six years, an almost unheard-of level of retention.

The CFO of the company personally sought my assistance and asked me to edit his departmental newsletter, going out monthly to about 500 people. Such was my reputation for clear, coherent communication.

Among my technical skills:

Blackberry Enterprise Server and end-user devices: 6 years.

Antivirus software (Symantec enterprise editions, Antigen [now Microsoft]): 15 years.

MS Exchange (5.5 through 2003): 12 years.

Windows server (from NT through Windows Server 2003): 15 years.

Active Directory: 3 years.

Windows client OS (Windows 3.0 through Vista): 17 years

MS Office (4.0 through 2007): 15 years

LAN technologies (Arcnet/thinnet through Ethernet): 18 years

Wireless networking (802.11a,b,g,n): 5 years

Apr 1985 - Nov 1988


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