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Work experience

Nov 2012Jan 2014


Perfect Life Spot

Since I am fresh from the university, I need a platform to prove my mettle. Nevertheless, during the course of my studies, I have worked in a private institution called Perfect Life Spot based in New Delhi, India, where undergraduate students are taught English literature along with personality development




University Grants Commission's National Eligibility Test holder which is the corridor in India for Assistant Professorship

Jul 2012May 2014

M.A English

University of Delhi

A blend of literature, linguistics and writing skills along with 2 credit courses in Arabic language

Jul 2009May 2012

B.A (Honours )

University of Delhi

Got a first division with 61.45% (Class 2nd topper) The course comprised literature, writing skills and 2 credits; one in economics and other in logic

Jun 2007May 2009

Higher Secondary Education

Presentation Higher Secondary School
Jun 1995May 2007

Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Presentation Higher Secondary School



Teaching has always fascinated me. It enervates me, being in a constant dialogue with young minds and helps to foster my foundation in the subject in a stronger way. My skills are: Clarity in the subject Strong English communication skills Modulated tone Can teach both undergraduate and graduate courses using a blended approach Can develop and deliver professional short courses Can work in an online/e-learning environment Ability to integrate computer technology into education 


Debraj Mookerjee, Professor, Department of English, Ramjas College, University of Delhi). Phone no: +919312433663

Neela Bhalla Professor (Retd), Department of English, Ramjas College, University of Delhi). Phone no: +919891616835


I am looking forward to research along with teaching which will help to build myself in a multifaceted way. I am currently reading through a lot of folklore and have been always fascinated by the idea of myth and mythology, superimposed with folklore. I believe that “myth is an extended metaphor” and hence directs to a lot of issues, both social and political. I am planning to take The Arabian Nights: One Thousand and One Tales (Alf Layla Wa Layla) giving it a feminist, deconstructive and post-structuralist interpretation. Moreover, the peg of myth is further extrapolated on Barthesian terms, that ideology hides but myth distorts and my endeavor would be to showcase what myth distorts in The Arabian Nights  


These are my strong holds and I am looking forward to research or study further in the same : 1.      Linguistics: theories of language, syntax and semantics 2.      Modernism In my opinion, modernism is not dead and still holds well and will continue to do so in the years to come. Stream of consciousness, Yeatsian occultism, Lawrence’s duree and Beckettian absursity have fascinated me with their themes, styles and modes of narration   3.      Victorian literature Though criticized for confining women into their domestic spaces, I assume that writing about the then realities though in a mellowed tone was revolution enough   4.      American literature a.       Nation building: That struggle to achieve “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” after the formation of the United States of America especially reflected in Melville’s Moby Dick, Whitman’s The Songs of Myself and Hawthorne’s The Scarlett Letter b.      Neo Racism: From the brutal racism by definition as seen in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave to Tim Wise’s “racism 2.0”  currently seen in disguise is a fascinating area of continued racism c.       The Jazz Age and the Civil War: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind have intrigued me from various angles   5.      Literary theory Post structuralism, cultural materialism, feminism and post colonialism are my areas of interest   6.      World literature I have particularly explored Russian, African, Indian, Irish, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Canadian literature besides English literature 


1.   First position in South India Science Fair, Pondicherry, India 2.   Participated in National Science Fair, Pune, India 3.   Participated in Intel International Science Fair, New Delhi, India 4.   Member of the debating society in college and won many prizes in debating competitions 5.   Member of dramatics society both in school and college and have won best actress various times. I am also a script writer and have turned many classic novels into plays. 6.   Presented many papers both in school and college and have won prizes many times 7.   Excellent leadership qualities. Was the assistant head girl in school and member of mess committee in college. 8.   Excellent general knowledge skills. Member of the quizzing society and have won prizes in literary, general, science and technology quizzes.