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Address: Jole Jammal St.Albaath Lane



IT Engineering                                                                 

Aleppo university

During my study at I.T college, I  conducted many projects and programs that include the most important subjects and these projects are:

  1. A project in the subject of communication skills headlined Keys to Success.

  2. A project in programming engineering to automate employment in Educational administration.

  3. A project in data security in which I used algorithms of pressure and data inscription.

  4. A project in theory of diagrams in which I went by all knots  of diagrams and passage once on each edge.

  5. A project in procedures researches to recognize whether the knot was in a tree or in a root.

  6. A project in ques theory to organize the queue and to access the server.

  7. A project in designing translators in which I designed a translator that recognizes entered vocab.

  8. A project in  multimedia that organizes via the color of signal.

  9. A semester project in the 4th year headlined automating an educational institute.

  10. A project in network Security headlined protection using VPN technology.

  11. A project in logical control programmed to control and organize the rotation speed of an engine.

  12. A project in distributed systems where I secured a chat between two people.

  13. A project in real time systems in which I created a group chat application.

  14. A project in distributed data base aiming at distributing load and avoiding blockage.

  15. A project in wireless networks aiming at introducing its kinds and features and detailing movement from one area to another.

  16. A graduation project headlined android voice chat app using wireless network.



Waleed Ballany High school
In this stage I was the first student in my city and my average was 96.25%.

Work experience


Help students and Special lessons

IT Faculity

During my study, I also contributed in many work groups in networks , network security and helped some freshmen in basic programming subjects and computers basic info.




I cooperated with Aljalabi Computer Center for Two years being responsible for maintenance there.


Networks and Hardware
  1. I have a good experience in dealing with internet and its apps and features.
  2. Dealing with Cisco equipment and products such as cabled switched and directors.
  3. Network Protocols.
Programming and Software
I am proficient at  C++,C#,HTML, SQL server, MAT-LAB, Microsoft office.



English course

My English is really good . I have a certificate from New horizon Institute in Aleppo branch and I was the first on my group with average 92%.