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More than six years of senior software engineering experience, with strong analytical skills and a broad range of computer expertise.

Work experience

Apr 2014Present

Senior Java Developer

Waad holding 
Sep 2013Mar 2014

Senior Java Developer


- Design Database ERD, and Implement Applications

- Find alternate solutions for complicated tasks face team members.

Jan 2010Aug 2013

Senior Java / php developer

Queen Tech Solutions

 As a senior web developer I was responsible of the following:

- Analyses projects
- Design the database to meet the requirements
- Implement the design to get the best results
- Make a product presentation for the customer
- Adjust the project following the customer feedback's

Also Help My team members to find solutions for the complex situations

Mar 2009Dec 2009

Java  developer

Herbel Business Solutions

- Analyses projects

- Design the database to meet the requirements

 - Implements the applications using Java EE technologies 

Sample Projects

- HR & Payroll :   

    Used Technologies:  JSF2, JavaEE7, EJB3,Java Script, jQuery, Oracle 11g, Primefaces, HTML,  Ajax,                                                Rest webservice


         Employee Self Service (ESS)

             The Employee self service module offers employees the ability to update personal

              information within defined security parameters—without the aid of HR personnel.

              Employer and employees benefit from better use of time and budget.

        Personnel Information Management: 

             Personal information management  is a basic function of any HR department Include:          

      •  Manage employee job information by defining pay grade, salary and other information.
      • Identify manager structure through definition of employee supervisors.
      • Use PIM to keep timely track of past work experience, educational details, skills and other criteria.
      • View and search employee details when needed.


Streamline payroll administration with  taxation and payroll rules. Accommodate the simplest or most complex payroll needs using very simple way

- Waad SMS :   

        Used Technologies:  JSF2, JavaEE7, EJB3,Java Script, jQuery, Oracle 11g, Primefaces, HTML,  Ajax,                                                Rest webservice.

        Description: School management system to handle all student, superior and staff data.


      • Management school administration management.
      • Employee management.
      • Subject management.
      • Class management.
      • Student payments management.
      • Fees management.
      • Student search.
      • Student management.
      • Student-Teacher interaction.
      • Teacher Management.
      • Timetable. 

- Jumeez :   

    Used Technologies:  PHP, Laravel Framework, javascript, jQuery, Ajax, GIT, Aptana.


Jumeez is a real-estate search engine and it’s the first of it’s kind in the middle east which allows you to search for properties in many real-estate websites and forums in no time. In addition it provides account for the users to save there preferred search filters and receive alerts and many more services.

- GoTaxiTruck Web App:

       Used Technologies: PHP, Cackephp Framework, MySql, jQuery, Ajax, CSS.

       Description: Go Taxi Truck is a new service for New Yorkers who require a more convenient and                                        cost-effective way to move their things.

- GoTaxiTruck IOS App:

      Used Technologies: X-Code, Objective-C, Design patterns(MVC,Delegate,Observer), Rest WebService. 

      Description: An IOS equivalent application for the Go Taxi Truck site with all of its features. 


Design Pattern

MVC, Singleton, Session Facade, Delegate, 

Conceptual knowledge


Database Management Systems DBMS

HTML, CSS,  Javascript,  Ajax,   JQuery, Mootools.


Larave, Cakephp, Yii, CodeIginter, Joomla, Drupal 


RestFul webservice


Java Server Faces (JSF), Hibernate ORM, JPA,  Servlets, Java SE. Java EE,Enterprise Java Beans EJB, Java Server Pages ( JSP).



Bachelor Degree of Computers & Informations

 Helwan University computer science Department
  • Degree: Good
  • Graduation Project: Advanced Remote Access.
  • Graduation Project grade: Excellent.

Language Skills

  • Arabic: Mother tongue
  • Very Good English Language.

Military Status