Antonius Stoiculescu

Antonius Stoiculescu

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2004 - Oct 2009

Service Manager and Assistant Manager

Just Plast Technologies

I've been working in this company from college where I've started as service technician then moved up the hierarchy as spare parts salesman, service hotline operator up to service manager and assistant manager.

As assistant manager I'm up to date with every single current project but also actively involved with their execution. Customer care and managing new projects also fall within my responsibilities.

Areas of expertise:

* Selling - experience in selling a broad range of products starting from industrial machinery up to spare parts

* Negotiating skills - ability to detect key contractual points and alternatives concerning industrial investment goods

* Incoming order questioning - experience in precise questioning of customers in order to get a custom quote for each client. The same is valid for spare parts.

* Service hotline operator - guided troubleshooting of industrial machinery via telephone or e-Mail

* Market knowledge - profound knowledge in the field of marketing and acquisition for the Romanian market, primarily in the plastics and rubber processing sector

Main achievements:

2009 - Creation of Just Plast Technologies' identity and webpage; work on a multi-million EUR large-diameter pipe project

2008 - Through focusing on spare parts sales and service sales I've managed to substantially secure the company's income

2007 - Important contribution in salvaging a deal worth in excess of EUR 450.000,- through negotiating skills

From the beginning I've managed to lower the operational costs through various improvements and service reorganization in the favor of both customers and company management

Currently I have experience with following manufacturers:

* Artec, Austria - plastic recycling extruder manufacturer

* Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik, Germany - plastics extruder manufacturer

* Knoll, Germany - manufacturer of conveyers, filters and pumps

* Maplan, Austria - rubber injection molding machine manufacturer

* Unicor, Germany - corrugated pipe extruder manufacturer

* Wickert, Germany - hydraulic presses for a wide range of uses 

* Wittmann-Battenfeld, Austria - plastic injection molding machine manufacturer

Jul 2003 - Mar 2004

Junior Salesman

ROEL electronics

Practical experience with security systems for buildings and homes. I've also got practical experience with CCTV systems. 


Dec 2008 - Present

Snowlion Center School

First of all I'd like to mention that this school is extra-occupational. Presence is required one week, four times a year. I'm committed to this school just as I am to my career as a professional. 

The things I learn in this school help me develop soft skills beneficial to my professional activity.

Oct 2006 - Jun 2008

Master of Science

University of Bucharest

I've learnt about security within the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server.

CISCO: CCNA, Network Security 1 and 2



I am technically inclined, I have professional hands-on commercial experience and I fluently speak both English and German (besides Romanian). I offer leadership skills and I like working with people.

I choose a job to work passionately for and where payment is sufficient in order to allow me to focus exclusively on the job.


Among other things, I am interested in internal martial arts, Psychology (dynamics of interpersonal relationships), classical music, driving cars, mountain climbing and vegetarian cuisine.


My current objective is to find the job I truly like which in turn will allow me to pursue my education at the Snowlion Center School in Switzerland (



open minded to new challenges

I have always been attracted by the difficult things in life other people seemed to avoid.  

ability to work with people

Since I started Snowlion Center School, my ability to relate to other people has greatly improved. Therefore I now seek human interaction and I'm looking forward to every new experience available.

analytical thinking

I've always worked with scenarios. Beginning with the worst possible scenario I went up to the best possible scenario. Most times things followed the path on the scenarios I imagined and things worked out well.  

ability to troubleshoot and fix equipment

I have a technical affinity and as a service technician it was my duty to fix broken industrial machinery (electrics, hydraulics and mechanics). However I'm also fond of computers and basically all technical equipment that requires the user to read a manual.

driver's license

cat B


Use it only occasionally, however my intent is to improve my linguistic proficiency - and I do it actively, each time I travel to Switzerland.


Writing and speaking - fluently. Usage on a daily basis in order to stay up to date with the technical information available in the world.


Writing and speaking - fluently. Usage on a daily basis in order to run the business.



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Ministerul Justitiei si Libertatilor Cetatenesti

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Federatia Romana de Karate Modern

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