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Work experience

May 2009Aug 2014

Pool Manager

NVPools Inc.

This specific job taught me how to be in charge of others and how to take control and handle situations. The pool manager must be CPR and First Aid Certified as well as hold a Pool Operators license. As the manager I had to be alert and make sure all patrons were safe at the pool as well as my guards. Water chemicals must be tested hourly and maintained at the appropriate levels; if at inappropriate levels, must fix immediately to ensure pool safety. I had to keep a professional attitude throughout the day no matter what circumstance. The most important aspect of being a lifeguard, assistant manager or manager is your ability to react quickly and efficiently. 

Sep 2009Aug 2011


South Riding Inn

This job taught me how to be even more of a people person; while it doesn't require much physical work it does require a personality. Your job as a hostess is quick: you greet and sit people and sometimes you take their drink orders. That being said a smile and good attitude is always necessary. 


Aug 2011May 2014

Bachelor of Science

Longwood University

I am a fourth year psychology student at Longwood University. I am very active around campus and involved in multiple clubs ranging from Amor to the Psychology club; I am a national member of the Red Cross club as well as Sigma Alpha Pi National Society of Leadership and the Epsilon Tau chapter of Delta Zeta. 


Nicole Drye; Supervisor


Jackie Kerze; Supervisor for NVPools Inc.



This is a Two-Way ANOVA on how "washing of feet and baby powder affects stinkiness"


For the course Research Methods, we chose and performed our own experiment; I chose "The effects of body art on perceived deviancy". This research and paper gave me knowledge and experience in order to prepare for my senior seminar project.


This was an assignment that required us to write about any interaction we have had with someone with a type of disorder, whether it be sever or very mild. For my first assignment I wrote about my experience babysitting a little girl, Kayla with severe Autism.